Jamie’s First Concert

On Monday the 9th of December Jamie made his first debut in a school concert. This mommy was so proud and so amazed at how well her boy did! They started the concert out by reciting the Our Father prayer – all those big words coming out of such little 3-year old mouths surprised all the mommies and daddies. They then sang a welcoming song to the parents and a couple of other songs. Then a few individual performances and my boy sang the ABC song all on his own. My shy little dude standing in front of all the people and doing his thing!

A few more songs followed and then Jamie recited Hey Diddle Diddle. My heart swelled so much that my chest could barely contain it! Was so cute how Jamie ran out while saying “and the dish ran away with the spoon!” What a big moment for him!

We had a few more songs like Wielie Walie, Old Macdonald, Vader Jakob, Row Row Row your boat and a few poems like Little Miss Muffet and One Little Blue Bird and they ended off by singing We wish you a merry Christmas.

Was so cute how Jamie made eye contact with us during the concert and returned the kiss I blew him. So happy with the progress he made at school, he learned so much – his teachers did a stellar job and they are sure doing a lot to boost his confidence!

When Jamie was born the pediatrician took a photo of him as he was lifted out of my tummy and I entitled the photo “a star is born”, and indeed how apt!. I love my little super star so much and can’t be any prouder! Way to go, Jamie!


2 thoughts on “Jamie’s First Concert

  1. Oh my hat, this is the cutest thing ever! How brave is he to sing like that, bless! He looks so so cute. You have every right to be a super proud mommy! How precious that he blew a kiss back at you. ♥

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