Another scan!

It was so nice yesterday to walk into the gynae’s office and they directed us right in after my weigh-in, urine- and blood pressure test.  We usually wait at least an hour!  I can’t believe however how fast the time has gone since our last scan, and now we’re already almost at 13 weeks and it was time for another check-up.

Was such a relief as soon as I could see Baby May on the scan, to see that there’s movement and that he/she has grown beautifully this past four weeks.  You know how a mom can worry sometimes…

Unfortunately our dearest, gorgeous little one did not want to play along when the doctor needed to do all the measurements.  No, he/she just wanted to chill on his/her side no matter how the doctor prodded and tried to get him/her to move.  We did see little arms waving and legs kicking though.  They gynae teased that it must be a girl, because it’s only women that’s so difficult… I beg to differ though, because I know how difficult Mr. Jamie can be some days hehe.

The gender is still a great, big surprise.  I did expect it to be though, because our gynae is quite a reserved person and I know it’s still early on in pregnancy when the genital areas looks quite alike for both genders.  At least we could see that baby is growing so well – 6cm from crown to rump (Jamie was just over 7cm at this stage), and doc could see the tummy and see baby is swallowing already.  Nose measured fine too for the downs test too.

Couldn’t get a clear sonar picture with baby turning on it’s side the whole time, but could at least get an okay’ish profile shot for my scrapbook.

So glad and relieved that everything is going well here in mommy’s womb!

Port Elizabeth-20131119-01640g


4 thoughts on “Another scan!

  1. I remember L hardly ever played the game in scans, so I also disagree with the doc about it perhaps being a girl.
    Love your updates, you & Jess are bringing back memories. So exciting *rubbing hands together*

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