Mommy, I love you sooooo much!

There is nothing better in the world, in the universe than hearing the words “I love you” from your child.  Even better when it goes with warm, cuddly arms around your neck and you can literally feel the love.  “Mommy, I love you soooooooo much!” in the sweetest, little Jamie-voice is just heaven on earth.  And it gets repeated so many times, I am just the luckiest mommy ever!  My heart literally melted the other night when he crawled into bed with me and uttered these words half asleep with his arms around my neck. I just have the most awesome bond with my special, little dude…. I sometimes think my heart is going to burst with all the love for him, not even mentioning the pride!

Mooiste mooi



4 thoughts on “Mommy, I love you sooooo much!

  1. I hear you. I’ve told Liam never to stop saying I love you. This morning he called me at about 5am. As I picked him up he said “I love you mommy” and kissed my neck.
    It’s all a mommy wants to hear. We are so lucky to have such loving little boys in our lives. I hope it never changes
    Hugs Debs, see you around

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