A morning at the game centre

A morning at the game centre

Once again it was a rainy, stormy weekend in PE… and as you will probably know it ain’t easy keeping a toddler entertained when it pours down outside!

So, on Saturday evening, I thought a Sunday morning trip to the Boardwalk’s Magic Company game centre would be the perfect outing, and oh my – it was!

Jamie had such fun hitting crocodiles on the head, going on rides, catching “popcorn” in a bucket and throwing balls for points. He even played for the “jackpot” and won a 100 bonus tickets. He was so chuffed with the Angry Birds Drinking Bottle and Flute he exchanged for his tickets.

Sooo much fun!


2 thoughts on “A morning at the game centre

  1. Aaah, we would’ve bumped into you here. I wanted to go, to get us out of the house, but Liam wanted to stay at home and DH was just not lus to go anywhere.
    What a mizzy weekend huh?

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