Baby’s first sonogram

When I was pregnant with Jamie, I have already had two scans by 8 weeks – first to see if pregnancy is viable and if everything is where it should be and then the second time to listen for the heartbeat.  With this pregnancy, my gynae only wanted to see me at 9 weeks.  So you can imagine the anticipation before the sonogram.

Especially since I have been quite sick this past week with a lot of nausea, not being able to keep anything in, then the flu hit me as well.  So a lot of questions went through my head… Will baby be okay? Will there be a heartbeat? Is there only one, or could there be two?

Then a little bit of a stressful time while hubby was away for a work trip, having to manage work and Jamie alone while being so sick and exhausted.  Then hubby’s flight back (which should have arrived just two short hours before my appointment) got grounded due to faulty engines, and the flight got delayed by an hour.  So I had to quickly make arrangements for my parents to come through from Uitenhage to look after Jamie for in case hubby does not make it back in time.

Luckily he arrived in time at the hospital… and the gynae ran late as well.  So after an hour’s wait, urine test, blood pressure measured, weigh-in etc. it was finally time for the scan.  I waited with baited breath for the gynae to pick baby up on the scan which took longer than I expected.

Then finally I saw a tiny, little person – head, body, arms and legs wriggling about in my tummy.  Absolute perfection!  And a full 2 cm from crown to rump!  So small, but perfectly in line with being 9 weeks pregnant.  Then we heard the most precious sound – the little one’s beating heart.  Oh wow, how wonderful, how amazing, how blessed are we!

So glad all is well with our little bean, so relieved and so happy.  And now it’s real – we’re going to have another baby!

Next big appointment scheduled for 19 November – the fetal assessment.  Can’t wait!

Baby A (1)

Baby A (2)


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