The Gift of Love

Dearest Jamie

You know mommy loves you to infinity and beyond, and I always will – no matter what.  You are my first-born and my big boy and I’m so proud of you.  You make my heart skip a beat every single time I look in your big, blue eyes or when you ask me for a “huggy” or a “kissy”.

In about 34 weeks, you’re going to receive the most awesome, kick-ass gift a little dude like you could ever get!  You’re going to be a big brother to a little baby brother or sister!  It’s a very special bond that you’ll share with nobody else on this earth! Besides mommy and daddy, this is another person you will be able to count on for the rest of your life!  Isn’t that incredible?

Love that you’re already excited about the little miracle that’s growing inside mommy’s tummy and I love how you kissed my tummy the other day – all out of your own.

Love Always
Mommy xxxxx

Proud big brother



Dearest Baby

We learned about your existence just two short weeks ago, but already you are part of our little family, and already you are loved – so much.  We are really blessed to have you and we’re all looking forward to your arrival, but until then mommy will nurture and love you while you grow and develop inside of me.

Baby, you’re going to have the coolest, most awesome big brother!  You are so lucky to have him, and he is just as lucky to have you.  I hope and pray that you’ll be good to each other and will treasure each other.  The two of you are my most precious treasures, daddy’s too.  

Talking about daddy, my little sweetheart – you’re going to have the best daddy ever!  Can’t wait for him to feel you kicking.

We have our appointment to “see” you scheduled for the 24th, and we literally can’t wait to hear your precious heart beating and see you on the scan.

Grow well, my baby, grow well.  And remember – you are loved.

Love Always



4 thoughts on “The Gift of Love

  1. Beautiful, special letters to your two children Debs! Love the updated blog name and heading pic, beautiful. So excited for you. Love the ‘reserved’ piccie!

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