month day collageOh my beautiful boy, my love for you is pure poetry.  I wish I had the means to describe how big my love is for you, how incredibly powerful, how breathtaking.  You came into our lives 33 months ago as a small and helpless baby, now you speak your mind and have your own little will.

No more baby, no way, not even a little wee bit left.  No more bottles, but you’ll insist on a glass glass.  No more dummies¸ and using the big toilet – no potties in sight.  I’m already buying you age 3 to 4 clothes, because one of these days all your old clothes will be way too small.  I have to buy you clothing branded with the things you like – Lightning Mcqueen, Dinosaurs, Robots, Monsters, Angry Birds and Dogs, and if it’s green you’re in your element – you already have your own taste.

Oh the tales you tell your mommy!  If you want to have a conversation with me, you will, telling me everything you can think of, and if daddy tries to hurry you up you will tell him to wait you’re talking to mommy now.  I love your little voice, the sweetness makes me smile every time I hear you talk or sing.  And yes, you sing your little heart out – you still love dancing and you love singing and playing with your musical instruments.

Going to school is such a joy for you.  You adore your teacher, Marlene and all the things she teaches you.  Even the principal says you’re like family and I can tell you’re on of the favourites with your sparkling personality, friendliness and loveable nature.  Mondays you can’t wait to get to school to tell everybody what you did over the weekend; and of course one of your favorite activity – Monkeynastics.  You enjoy every lesson of exercise and fitness and jumping around like froggies, kangaroos and bunnies.

Oh my sweet, sweet boy.  I love you so much.  I love your warm body pressing against me and your cuddly arms around my neck giving me the biggest of hugs.  I love those sloppy kisses, even after you had a lollipop and you’re as sticky as can be.  I love how you tell me I’m your mommy¸ and reaffirming it with me so very often.  Net Jamie se mammie.  I love the “I love you’s”; and oh my word I loved the “Mamma jy is awesome”…. Even if it was a line daddy taught you.

Happy 2¾ birthday, my angel boy.  You will always be able to say that you are loved.  Always know and remember how very special you are.


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  1. This is such a beautiful tribute! Your love just shines thru every single word. Pure poetry, love it!
    Love the branded clothes and the green, cute man! *mental note made*
    Super special post.

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