A bit of this and a bit of that

So Valentines has come and gone, Easter went by so quickly, so next up Mother’s day, then Father’s day and then it’s time for Jamie’s third birthday.  That’s in a little more than 3 months’ time… where is the time going?

Good news I’m ecstatic about:  Jamie is completely dummy free.  A couple of weeks ago I pricked 3 holes in each of Jamie’s dummies – it didn’t go unnoticed and he knew something was up but he continued sucking it.  So three weeks ago I upped the amount of holes in the dummies considerably and this time Jamie was disgusted… completely put off by it.  Night 1 was difficult as he asked for it a couple of times and then we offered him the hole-riddled dummies and luckily he would refuse, Night 2 the dummies disappeared although he asked for them… then totally forgotten.  We allowed the dummies for longer because Jamie never took to another lovey, or blankey or soft toy, it was the dummy that soothed him and he was quite attached to it at bedtime.  A lot of the older folk frowned upon the use of the dummy, but it doesn’t faze me too much as I know we only used orthodontic dummies, and I would much rather that Jamie used a dummy than suck on his thumb which could cause severe damage to his teeth.  But now we’re over it and I’m relieved that it happened before his third birthday which signaled cut-off for me.


Yesterday was also a biggy – the first day Jamie went the whole day without a nappy and kept his undies completely clean and dry.  Yay, all my reward charts is paying off!  Oh and those Lightning McQueen undies is a lifesaver too, because I told Jamie this morning that he must make sure McQueen stays dry otherwise he is going to be sad when he gets wet or dirty Hehe!  So proud of my big boy, as we had a bit of potty training regression when Jamie was ill.  First he got tonsillitis Easter weekend and the next weekend he had a tummy bug… so potty training didn’t go smoothly at all.  Now things are looking up!  Still going to keep the night-time nappies for now though, but I’m looking forward to be nappy-free in the future… gosh it will safe me so much money as Jamie is on pull-ups and they ain’t cheap!

PicMonkey Collage

This past weekend we had a much needed weekend away.  We went to a nearby beach resort for some fun in the sun before the winter arrives… and we needed some quality family time after the sick weekends we had.  Oh boy, I loved the time with my two gorgeous dudes on the beach.  I took the Friday off and we took Jamie to daycare, so that hubby and I could finish the shopping and packing for the weekend; oh and we had the nicest breakfast at Capelini’s, then we packed the car and wen to pick Jamie up after his nap; and we were off to the resort.  Friday was nice and relaxing – we explored the resort, had lots of laughs and the evening we just mad e boerie-rolls.  When Jami went to bed hubby and I had some wine/beer while looking at the stars and off to bed early with our books.  The next day we went down to the beach early and Jamie had fun playing in the rock pools.  He was amazed at the big ship that sailed by and his exact words was “Yoh dis ‘n groot row-row!”  Then my parents came by to say hi and spend a bit of time with us and we had some more beach time with them and lunch on the patio.  As soon as we sat down with our lunch two monkeys appeared watching us intently while we eat.  Then all of a sudden there was a big pack of them and we realized they broke into our neighbours house and wreaked havoc and stole bananas, chips, biscuits etc.  So we closed it up to save the rest of their belongings.  After a bit of down time – reading & playing with Jamie it was off to the beach again and we played and picked up seashells.  Then hubby spoiled us with a lekker braai, but as he was busy I moved our car to the other side of the house… and while I was out and hubby not paying attention the monkeys invaded our home and stole some chippies and Jamie’s easter eggs.  Naughty little buggers!  While we were busy with the braai outside Jamie made friends with a cute little 10-year old girl and she played with him and watched him while hubby and I chilled, enjoying the view.  I’m so lucky to have had this special time with my dudes!

By now we’ve settled nicely into our new home.  The registration went through yesterday, so we’re home owners and its official.  I love our new home, I love the complex and I love our neighbours.  Last night we took Jamie out to ride on his bike, not long and then our one neighbour’s 4-year and 10-year old joined him, and then our other neighbour’s almost 2-year old.  The kids had the blast, and all the neighbours stood outside chatting away while watching the kids.  Such a nice environment to live in, and I know Jamie is going to make friends for life here.

I have so much to write, but I guess the rest will have to wait for the next update post, otherwise this blog post is going to be 5 pages long 🙂


One thought on “A bit of this and a bit of that

  1. Such a special update! You guys are such a special family and u’re such a wonderful mamma.
    YAY for Jamie being dummy-free, and YAY for potty training progress, that’s so wonderful! Fabulous.
    Congrats home-owners! *happy dance*

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