Easter 2013

Never a dull moment in the Aukett household… the Wednesday night before Easter weekend Jamie started with a fever, a high one, an upset tummy and a yucky nose.  So after a quick message to my boss on Thursday it was off to Dr. Coetzee a.k.a. Doc McStuffins.  It was the beginning stages of tonsilitis and Jamie got a 3-day antibiotics course.

To top it off, it was a rainy, cold weekend as well.  So after a quick trip to the shops we returned to our cozy home where we remained for 3 solid days.  We didn’t see anyone, we didn’t go anywhere, we just cuddled.  Nice quality time at that.

On Sunday we did a quick trip to see some family and back home again until Tuesday morning when we returned to our usual routine.

Seeing as it was raining; and that Jamie was sick I wasn’t able to do the Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt like I wanted to; nor the normal one in our garden, so on Sunday afternoon while Jamie was sleeping the Easter Bunny came and hid some Easter Eggs in our living room.  When Jamie woke up we told him that that a special bunny came and that he hid little presents everywhere and we handed him his basket.

My boy was in his element every time he found a chocolaty treat.  It was all over the place – in the washing machine, in my potplants, underneath scatter cushions, in the fruit bowl, on the tv cabinet, absolutely everywhere!  He immediately scoffed the biggest bunny and started on the biggest egg as well.  A true chocoholic, just like his mom!

PicMonkey Collage


8 thoughts on “Easter 2013

  1. Aw man, hope Jamie is feeling a bit better. Kakka weather we’re having in PE hey? I decided against the easter thing as Liam has no ends when it comes to chocolate and let’s face it, he don’t need no help in the weight dept.
    Hope you guys are still enjoying the new house

    • Thanks Helen, love the new house, and love the people surrounding us here – all families with little children too.
      Oh man, all that chocolate was such a temptation for me, luckily I hid most of it from Jamie and ration him. x

  2. We also spent Easter weekend home with 3 sick kiddies. 2 with bronchiolitis and one with a cold! It is not an experience I would like to repeat any time soon …

    LOVE the family pic 🙂

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