32 Months

Another month older; and another month that went zhwoooooooosh as it flashed by.

I have to restrain myself otherwise I’m going to write again about how my boy is growing up so fast, how I love spending every minute with him, how cute his talking, dancing and singing is, how I adore his sense of humour and how much he amazes me every single day of my life.  I talk about this probably every other blog post!  So going to try my best not to gush too much in this one.

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, Jamie cried every single morning he had to go to school in the first couple of weeks.  It was a new class, a new teacher/caregiver and his best bud didn’t make the move…. so I guess that’s what had him stressed out.  But since then I’m amazed at how much he learns, how much he loves it and how he can’t wait to go and “visit Marlene” as he calls going to school.  It started going better when they started their weekly theme work – every week they have a new theme, they learn a new song, hear a new bible story and learn a new rhyme, and do activities that has to do with the theme of the week.  My child is a creative little being, just like his mom, so he enjoys it immensely.  Marlene is a real gem, and she teaches him so much.  For his age, I think Jamie is doing rather well – he knows the ABC’s, he can count to 12 (in English), he can recite the days of the week (also in English – our home language is Afrikaans), and he knows quite a couple of songs off by heart already.  My little sponge is absorbing like crazy!

Jamie is a real animal lover.  He adores our cat, Jade… and can’t always understand that Jade doesn’t want to participate in the activities he planned to do with our kitty… like for instance jumping on the trampoline with him hehe.  He is crazy about dogs, but he’s still a bit weary to always touch them, he’s a little afraid. Our neighbour (he is my cousin as well), lets Jamie look at and play with his dogs whenever Jamie wants to, so slowly but surely he is getting accustomed to them.

Yesterday we took Jamie to the lion park.  We actually hoped that they will have monkeys, because Jamie loves monkeys, but unfortunately they didn’t.  He had such a good time though.  He got so excited when he saw “bokkies” and giraffes.  Sadly the lions did not phase him at all, but he loved the tiger – “TIGA!” and called the tiger to come to him as if it was a little kitty.

Happy 32 months, my twinkle toes, happy child.  You put a song in my heart, a twinkle in my eye, and a hop in my step – love you and your daddy to infinity and beyond!


PicMonkey Collage


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