Rocking his leather jacket!

Rocking his leather jacket!

Oh man, I’ve bought this jacket for Jamie when he was just a few month’s old – it’s a 1 to 2-year old fit. Last winter he simply refused to wear it, now that he’s almost 3 and yesterday in scorching hot weather he decided now is the time to wear it… ai! Hopefully it will still fit him when the weather gets cooler, otherwise I’ll just have to keep it for his little sister or brother one day… LOL


11 thoughts on “Rocking his leather jacket!

  1. He looks supercute, complete pose with his lil hands like that, I love it!!
    Hahahaha @ insisting to wear it when it’s so hot!
    I’m sure it’ll still fit this winter, yay!

  2. So sweet man! Hayley has 2 x pink leather jackets. One should fit this winter and one by next winter or there after, both exactly the same but gifts from different people.

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