31 Months… 2 Years & 7 Months … Big Boy !

I can’t wrap my head around the idea of Jamie growing up so quickly.  Time just doesn’t stand still, and while Jamie’s growing up, we’re all getting older by the minute, and it feels like the time is going faster the older I get.

Yes, so today my amazing, blue-eyed boy is another month older.  Things are going better at school – no more tears in the morning, and it seems like he adores his teacher, Marlene, as he talks a lot about her and wants to draw / paint her pictures over the weekends.  I can also see that there’s a lot of development in Jamie since he started attending her class.  My boy is getting so clever.

We also enrolled Jamie in a Monkeynastix class which he really enjoys.  It gives my busy-body angel some chance to jump around, have some fun and burn off some of that energy.  Mondays are such a highlight in his week, he usually comes home happy and proud of his Monkeynastix participation sticker and shows us what he did that day.

Jamie is still such a loving little creature and gives hugs, kisses and cuddles to us daily.  He still requests group hugs with me and his daddy when we all hug and kiss each other – it feels great and is such a special moment every single time.  I live for all these moments of affection – I engrave it in my memories every single time, because I know one day he’s going to be a typical boy and the amount of hugs and kisses I get will decrease.

This month Jamie developed a love for Cars, Maters Tall Tales in particular which is short 5 minute stories.  So Thomas, Barney & Mickey took a bit of a backseat hehe.  He also started enjoying puzzles.  He already loved building virtual  puzzles on the iPad, but has recently started building real-life ones.  Hubby bought him the cutest 6-piece Cars puzzles and I bought him the larger 12- and 20-piece puzzles which I must build for him which he has a great time watching… and then breaking them apart.

Oh we have lots of chitty chats.  My boy is a real talker.  Love how he conveys his thoughts.  So many new words, so many new sentences, and he constructed his first full sentence or rather question as well this past month when he asked “Is Pappa ‘n seuntjie?” (Is daddy a boy?).  Haha and that reminds me of a whole different story – I’m trying to teach Jamie that I’m a girl, and daddy’s a boy – so that he can start to differentiate genders, but Jamie can’t wrap his little head around mommy being a girl, he insists he wants mommy to be a boy.  My little funny bunny ❤

So after 31 months we’re still having a lot of fun, still a lot of happiness in our house, so many laughs, giggles and laughs.  So many blessings. We’re so lucky.

Happy 31 months, my beautiful, beautiful boy.  You fill my heart with joy ❤






10 thoughts on “31 Months… 2 Years & 7 Months … Big Boy !

  1. Awesome update! Thanks for reminding me it’s our babies’ month day, I didn’t realise!!
    So glad Jamie is doing better at school, yay. The learning these little people do at this age astounds me!!
    Ag cute @ wanting mommy to be a seuntjie too, bless.
    Stunning pic, he’s just a gorgeous lil dude! ♥

  2. Ag my jinne Debs – hy is so ‘n pragtige seuntjie! En ek kan skaars glo dat hy so vinnig groot geword het! Een van die dae is hy ‘n hele 3 jaar oud! Net nou die dag nog was jy swanger! En moenie eers praat van die oud word nie – dit voel regtig of die tyd vinniger verby gaan soos wat mens ouer word! xxx

      • Ag ek doen nie meer nie – het sommer geheel en al my lus vir blog verloor! Was nooit voorheen op Facebook nie tot einde laas jaar – so ek is baie bly ek het jou darem daar raakgeloop!

  3. I’m also enjoying seeing Liam developing at school. He’s also settled in quite nicely, no more tears and tantrums, yippee. Have got both Cars movies and that Mater’s Tall Tales for you 🙂 Seems our boys have similar tastes, even being a year apart

    • I’m so glad Liam is settling in at school as well. That makes life so much easier! So funny @ our boys loving the same tv characters! Thanks I think I’ve got all the Mater’s Tall Tales, but Jamie doesn’t want to sit still for the longer movies yet… he’s got too many ants in his pants :-p xx

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