Jamie says… #1

I really want to remember all the cute things Jamie says, so I’m going to jot it down as we go along.


Last night Jamie gave a gigantic burp, paused for a second, and then exclaimed in a loud voice “Varkie!”


Last weekend I asked Jamie what he wants to eat.  He replied with: “kossies”.  Haha, I was just surprised that he didn’t say Flings or nannas!
I then asked him, but what type of food he wants, and he answered me “bacon”.  Now every time I ask him what he wants he says bacon.  Definitely his mom and dad’s child!


4 thoughts on “Jamie says… #1

  1. A boy after my own heart … i LOVE bacon! 🙂

    Fab idea to keep track … I have already forgotten all the cute things Munchkin use to say … maybe I should start this for Sweetpea!

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