School Theme Work

I am so proud of my boy’tjie! They started theme work at school last week.  I had a whole list of stationary I had to send to the school, including flip files and Marelene (Jamie’s teacher) files every week’s projects and then sends the flip file home at the end of the week so that we can see what they did.

Every week they have a different theme, and learn different songs and rhymes, different projects etc.  Last week’s theme was “My School” and Jamie coloured his picture of the school so well, and loved the songs he learned.

Love the first page of the file with his precious little hand prints ❤

PicMonkey Collage


10 thoughts on “School Theme Work

  1. YAY! LOVE your blog. The header is so lovely. Jamie is super duper cute!!

    So glad you’re here 🙂 Will definitely follow your blog so it’s on my Reader page whenever I log in 🙂

  2. Ah wow, so awesome that they do themes, and how exciting it must be for u to then see what he did every Friday, yay!
    Blog looks great, well done!

    • Thanks Jess! Yup going to look forward to every single Friday to see what my clever dude did! Ooops apparently he crumbled up yesterdays picture when the teacher went to the bathroom Hehe xx

  3. Cute man. I wish Liam’s school sent their stuff home. I’d love to see what he’s doing. He has a file and I did have to send a bunch of stationery at the beginning of the year. I don’t even know what songs he sings. When I asked if I could have a copy of the menu and the schedule for each day they looked at me like I was mad! It is posted outside the classroom, but come on, like seriously, you have time at drop of and pick up to write it all down? Perhaps I must have a word with the principal. She’s rather nice that way, but I feel like I might be one of those ‘High Maintenance Mommies”

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