A Magical Christmas

It’s my favorite time of the year, and 2012 Jamie celebrated Christmas with us for the third time.  This Christmas he was able to participate more because he understood a bit more about the excitement of it, and those pressies under the tree were such a huge temptation to him!  I already can’t wait for next year when he will be able to understand even more, and I can tell him about Santa… his grandfather or one of his uncles should definitely do a bit of dress-up next year 😀

Jamie was so super spoiled by all his loved once – he received so many special gift.

This year’s stash included:

From me and hubby:  A big blackboard, a huge art set, two magnetic drawing boards, Lollos 4 dvd, and then a little belated a little scooter he asked for so nicely.
From Aunty Berni: A cute little Rudolph
From Oupa & Ouma: A nice activity book about animals, Barney bubblebath and some sweets
From Oumie: A little gardening set and bubbles
From Tony & Kristal: Another art set (can never have enough), and a whistle which was probably Jamie’s favorite toy of Xmas eve.
From Leandra & Jaco: The sweetest little penguin that repeats everything you say
From Amanda & Andre: A Barney and Chipmunk dvds

We also had a wonderful holiday, jam packed full of precious quality time with each other.  During this time Jamie learned so much, and surprised us each day with new words… he was almost like a little parrot – a real little sponge absorbing so much.  It was 3 weeks of fun, fun, fun!

I’m so thankful for the special time I had with my hubby (and we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary too *love*) and Jamie.  They are two amazing blessings in my life and I love them stacks.


4 thoughts on “A Magical Christmas

  1. Can’t believe I’ve never been to this blog before o_O!

    I love that you took a pic of and mentioned who bought all his gifts. I want to do that.

    Jamie is such a cute little fellow and he looks so big in these pics! WOW! #suchacutie

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