Jamie's New Room

I’m so behind in updating my blog… I better start cracking, so much to post, so little time!


Last month we moved into our new home.  With the move we decided that we’ll redecorate Jamie’s room as it was still baby-themed with the underwater theme:







I was a bit sad to put all the “baby” stuff away, remembering how I did all the paintings while I was pregnant and how excited I was preparing his room for him, but it was definitely time for a change!  One of Jamie’s favorite characters is Thomas the Tank Engine. So after months of looking for Thomas bedding a friend found it in a shop and alerted me.  I also made prints of Jamie’s favorite engines – Thomas & Percy (of course), Hiro, James, Toby, Gordon (or Gordie as Jamie calls him) and Henry.  And he had already enough Thomas toys to complete the theme


The day we moved in we sent him to daycare as per usual so that me and hubby can power work to get the move done and when he got home I made sure his room was all finished.  When he entered the room he just stood there in silence, in complete wonder.  And then he started saying their names out loud; “Thomas!”, “Percy!”, Gordon!”  It was so worth it surprising him like that.  He loves his room so much.  He doesn’t want to sleep on the Thomas pillow because he wants to hold it :o)


Now I wonder how long it will be before he requests a room change….



6 thoughts on “Jamie's New Room

  1. The room looks fantastic!!! I love this – “And then he started saying their names out loud”, brought a lump to my throat.

    You’re such a wonderful mommy. Hopefully I can also do Matthew’s room when we move this month.

  2. His new room came out stunning, excellent. Can you come & do Liam’s room please? He’s still got bright purple walls (used to be a girls wall) I’m daunted by that task of painting over them 🙂

    • Hehe with pleasure, Helen! Give me a BIG budget and I’ll have plenty of fun! Oooh I love bright purple, wouldn’t mind the colour in my room!

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