28 Months

I just had to count on my fingers to see how many months Jamie is today, because I have reverted to answer just “two” when someone asks me Jamie’s age and not the usual x months I used to.  It’s hard work keeping track with the days, weeks and months going by so fast and my boy growing up so quickly!


I am proud to say that Jamie had his first dry bottom day yesterday at school!  So from today he’ll be wearing the cutest little boy briefs (is that even what you call it lol?)!  It took a while for my boy to get used to the kiddy toilets they have at school, but at last he took to it, and I can almost see the end of nappies in our future!  Yay!


Speech development is also on the go, even more rapid than before with sentences pouring out of my boy like you wouldn’t believe.  I absolutely love his cute little voice and the things he says.  He is still speaking both English and Afrikaans, leaning a tiny bit more towards English.  I had quite a laugh the other day when we were watching “My stepmother is an alien” and the two characters kissed and Jamie was pointing to the television saying “Eina! He’s got eina!”, so used to us kissing his eina 😀


Next month we’ll be moving into our new home, our own home!  So looking forward to it!  I can’t wait for Jamie to have a bigger room.  I desperately want to change his room’s theme to his beloved Thomas and Friends as a surprise for him in the new house, but Thomas bedding is nowhere to be found… and what I can find online is R550 + postage for a single duvet cover and pillow case… a bit mad in my opinion.


I can’t believe Jamie is going to experience his 3rd Christmas next month!  I can’t wait to see his face when he sees the Christmas tree and lights.  We still need to start our Christmas shopping, I wanted to do it early this year, but never got to it.  To top it all my leave starts in 3 weeks, so much looking forward to the quality time with my little family and just to rest after this hectic year!



Happy 28 Months my most precious little angel!  I love you so much MWAH MWAH MWAH



9 thoughts on “28 Months

  1. Well done to Jamie for the dry bottom 🙂

    Boo is also getting all excited about xmas. He has added Jingle Bells to his song list along with Happy birthday and many others. He loves celebrations.

    So exciting to be moving into a new home! Will keep an eye out for Thomas stuff – trying to think where I saw some, Boo is also Tommy obsessed.

    • Thank you 🙂 Awww it must be so cute watching Boo singing Jingle Bells – thanks you gave me a great idea now, I must start singing Xmas jingles to Jamie!
      Have a great day xx

  2. They’ve got stunning Thomas material at MGE in Heugh Road. If you are any good perhaps you can make him a bedset? I’m hopeless at sewing but how tough can a duvet actually be.
    Yay on the big boy briefs. I too am so loving the no nappy thing and Liam loves to have us all around the loo while he has a wee, hahaha.
    Hope you aren’t moving too far away, or perhaps even closer. You must PM me so I can look out for you in my travels. Yay on a new house.
    As usual, a gorgeous pic of you both

    • Thanks Helen! Oh yay, thanks for the tip on the material, will have a look and perhaps I can ask my mom to make curtains from it and then use plain blue bedding. I can fabric paint too, but I’m way too lazy hehe!
      Yay for Liam’s successful potty training, that’s just fabulous!
      We’re moving to Bridgemead, but I think it’s a bit further from you. We need to arrange a play date for our boys, really now! xx

  3. Awesome update – en WOW @ the potty training progress, well done, that’s so awesome!
    Cute @ alien’s ‘eina’ when they kiss, hehe!
    Special pic – still crazy about that purple bit in your hair, so stunning!

  4. Jamie is the sweetest little thing ever! WOW! at the potty training. Matthew is nowhere near there yet. Congrats on the new house! Love the pic of the two of you!

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