2 Years, 2 Months!

I have not abandoned my blog, no!  Life is just so hectic at the moment.  My domestic worker resigned and I don’t want to replace until we’re in our new home, so my work, house work, laundry, my family, my fitness regimes etc. is keeping me beyond busy!  That coupled with the frustrating slow speed of the WordPress blogs silenced me for a bit…


My little blue-eyed twinkle toes is already 2 years and 2 months old… I missed most of his month-day, because I attended a conference in Jozi.  I arrived back in PE just after 8 that evening and was welcomed by my two special guys.  When I entered the airport I spotted Jamie’s lips forming the word “mamma mamma mamma” over and over and heard him chant my favourite word as I came closer.  Oh man, that must have been one of the biggest hugs ever!


Life in our household is continuous fun… we have no more teething worries and that’s the best ever. Jamie is such a cute, loveable boy; every moment with him is a treasure.  He is so affectionate, and we get showered with hugs and sloppy kisses 24/7.  He still dances like crazy, and he has so many cool moves in his repertoire.  I just love watching him dance…or even better – crazy dance with him.  That’s now if and when he allows it, because sometimes he doesn’t want to share the spotlight and then I get a loud, stern “mammmmmmmmaaaaaa!”


One of our favourite outings on Sundays is going down to the beach, having ice-cream and then go play.  Jamie adores the beach.  I’m so glad that the incident last year when a small wave rolled him, didn’t leave a scar on him… it did on me however, I always make sure I’m within reach when he plays in the water. Can’t wait for warmer, weekend weather so that we can have a beach day.


Jamie turned into a little parrot, repeating so many words and learning so quick now.  I was a bit worried at a stage when speech development didn’t happen as fast as I guess I wanted it to, but it’s going really fast now.  I think my boy got a bit confused with both English and Afrikaans being spoken to him. He has quite a few English friendies at school and loves English music like the Wiggles, and we speak Afrikaans at home.  The penny dropped last month when Jamie tossed a ball in the air and shouted “catch” instead of “vang”, and he says no instead of nee, and his favourite word these days “why”. So I think he might be developing faster in English than in Afrikaans.


This past month my poor boy’s been sick for a bit as well.  I think it was just a bad case of flu, bordering on bronchitis, so he had to be on antibiotics.  Oh my gosh, I was so happy to learn that bribery works at last!  I’m sorry, I’m not a fan of bribery, but when I have to get my angel to drink revolting, thick, powdery antibiotics, I will bribe with sweeties if I have to – much better than the contrary – being him spitting out the medicine, or just keeping his mouth shut.


Potty training is now in full swing.  We started at day-care as well, and yesterday he “watered” mommy’s plant in the garden.  I’m so excited – the end of nappies is in sight J


Jamie was so happy because this past weekend he was able to play with all of his cousins.  My brother and his family came to visit.  Jamie loves Inge to bits and he kept hugging her and she hugged him back just as hard.  We all had a braai at my parents’ home and the little ones had so much fun, including Arno who is a big “Jamie Alexander Brander” (as he calls him) fan, and almost like a big bro looked out for Jamie so that he doesn’t get hurt.  Later the weekend, his other cousin, Troy came to visit and the two of them must have tested out every toy in Jamie’s room, because the place was wrecked afterwards.  It’s so special, all his cousins are much older than him (aged at 16, 11, 8 & 7), but they all adore him equally and takes the time to play with him.


My mom was so proud when I sent her a video via Whatsapp showing her how Jamie points at a picture of her and then saying “ouma”.  I think it must have been the proudest moment of her life the way she was sending the video on to people and rubbing my dad’s nose in it.  I then taught Jamie to say Oupa which he did and I successfully caught it on video too, but in the meantime Jamie decided just to call both his grandparents “ouma”.  Hehe luckily my dad doesn’t mind… I think Jamie anyway will be able to get away with murder with them, yes especially after Jamie broke not one, but two of my mom’s ceramic frogs which she collects – she didn’t even bat an eye, and got a little mad at me when I reprimanded Jamie and placed him in the naughty corner.  Jamie is now fast learning and trying to get the “ie” sound right to say “oumie” for his other granny. Hopefully she’ll be just as proud when he gets it right.


Oh life is busy, but life is fun, life is an adventure and it seems it will always be with my little guy around!

Until next time xx



4 thoughts on “2 Years, 2 Months!

  1. Lovely update Debs. He is growing and developing beautifully and he is being such a star with the potty training! Yay!!

    The talking is awesome. I was also worried when it wasn’t happening like I thought it should, but when it starts, boy does it just flow!! Well done Jamie!

  2. Awesome, special update!
    Jamie word so mooi groot, jy moet baie trots wees!
    Oooh, good luck with the potty training, you must keep me updated! LOL @ watering your plants!
    Mooiste pic van die blou-oog kind!

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