Bad Habits

I knew I had to watch what I say and do right from the beginning of motherhood, but oh my word Jamie’s picked up some bad habits from me (and hubby) without us even realizing!


  1. Licking off Bovril off the knife after making a sandwich.
    I love Bovril and that buttery, Bovril left over on the knife is just yummy goodness, and I just can’t help myself.  When Jamie wants Bovril toast, I allow him to help make it – he likes getting involved in the kitchen.  The little monkey is also now licking the Bovril… every single time!
  2. Putting Vicks on my lips
    I know you’re not supposed to, but I like putting Vicks Vaporub on my lips, especially when I’m congested or struggling with dry lips.  It really helps.  Every time Jamie see’s the Vicks, he wants me to open it and when I do he very carefully puts a small dollop on his lips.  Ai! I now have to hide my Vicks
  3. Carb-overloading
    Jamie saw hubby and me putting slap chips on our breadrolls and the little dude also started it – when I gave him a hamburger and chippies over the weekend – he nonchalantly opened up his burger and placed the chips on top before closing it again and started munching away.
  4. Licking the yogurt lid
    Yes another one from me – when I open a 100g yogurt I lick the yogurt on the bottom of the lid before I chuck it away.  Jamie picked up on it and started doing it as well *naughty mama*

And I’m sure there’s more I just don’t remember right now.  We really have to start being even more careful of what we say and do… because it’s clear as day – MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO!



17 thoughts on “Bad Habits

  1. Haha, Liam does the same knife licking thing, courtesy of DH. Who doesn’t lick the yoghurt lid? What a waste otherwise.
    I’ve noticed when DH is in the lounge Liam always wants to know what he’s doing, but he’s never interested in my washing up in the kitchen, pfffft

  2. Bella’s like that with my lip ice. Now any time she see’s labello or the likes she wants it. I’ve taken to keeping vaseline in my bag because its the only thing she wont steal. She’s also picked up ‘Oh Boy’. Whenever something goes wrong she goes “Oh Boy!” its really cute. He’s gorgeous!

  3. Ah sweet man, but those are hardly bad habits, doesn’t everyone do that? Its not like he’s dropping f-bombs everywhere he goes haha! Layla sticks her fingers in the bovril container and licks them clean!

  4. LOL I’m with Helen, not licking the yogurt lid is a waste! And these aren’t such bad habits… or am I just uneducated? Lol Jamie is just beautiful, I love your header!

  5. We do the licking of the yoghurt lid too … there can be up to a half teaspoon of yoghurt on there sometimes, would be a total waste 🙂

    I’m with Lunar …. none of those things sound like terribly bad habits to me 🙂

  6. I have never licked yoghurt lids, knives or any of that sort of thing simply because it is too dangerous!
    The metal of the yoghurt lid can cut your tongue like glass and as for licking knives, sorry but I find that not only dangerous but disgusting too.
    I have seen my ex’s entire family sitting around the Sunday lunch table licking their steak type knives and me just waiting for someone to cut themselves.
    It is just one of my pet hates I am afraid and luckily Jess feels the same and so she does not lick off the knives or lids either.
    Hugs xx

    • Oooh ouchie! I wasn’t talking about around the dinner table – I can assure you we have table manners and I’m not talking about a sharp knife, but a butter knife. But hence the title bad habits hey!

  7. Hehe, these are cute, definitely don’t count as ‘bad habits’, nee wat! It’s cute how they pick up on little, every-day things we do.
    I also like Vicks on my lips!
    Actually a good idea RE just licking the yoghurt lid – I scrape it off with my spoon tho, coz can get quite a bit off there.
    Mmm, yum @ evil carbloading, lol!

    • Dankie Jess 🙂 Haha I usually also scrape off with a spoon, but sometimes I forget my manners and just give it a good lick :-p
      I thought I was the only one doing Vicks on the lips – haha!
      xx mwah xx

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