The best partner in crime

He changes nappies, even gooey poo’ey ones, I might even admit that he’s better with it than me.  He deals with toddler tantrums with the greatest of ease.  He baths a squirming little boy when he doesn’t want to bath and it ends up in giggles. He gives love and cuddles  that makes our little guy feel so special and adored and it all comes naturally to him.  He is the best husband and best partner in parenthood that I could ever have asked for – we are so lucky and blessed to have him.


We do appreciate everything you do for us, my love – thank you, thank you, thank you.  Love ya stacks and loads and tons!  Hope you enjoyed your Father’s Day with us, even though we were all a bit unwell yesterday. Mwah xx


10 thoughts on “The best partner in crime

  1. What a lovely post for your hubby 🙂

    PS. I really really love your header!! Jamie is such a cutie! How did you make the header? If you don’t mind me asking … I can’t seem to get mine right!

    • Hmmm I think (hope) I found your post! If you click on Dashboard, then you click on Appearance, then on Theme, then you can choose out of 4 themes to change your blog’s look. Furthermore you can click on header to change your header and Background to change your background. I found very useful to help me make my header. Hope this message makes it to you!

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