A mouth full of toofies! :-)

A mouth full of toofies… or I should rather say ALMOST a mouth full of toofies, because the last 4 are making their way through.  We’ve been struggling with Jamie with sleep last week (and a bit of grumpyness), but we never realised it might be due to teething, because during the day he was 100% well.  But this weekend when hubby tickled Jamie I peered inside Jamie’s mouth and I saw that 1 tip of his top molar broke through the gum and then the penny dropped.  Then on Monday I played with Jamie and he lauged with his mouth wide open and I had time to take a good look and I was amazed to see that all 4 are busy cutting – in different stages – the bottom one is halfway through, the other bottom one has two tips through and the top each has one tip through.

I can’t wait till they’re completely through, because I could see this past two days that he isn’t himself and it must hurt like hell!  This mommy is going to pop a bottle of champage when this is over, that’s for sure!  Teething sucks, it’s terrible, terrible, terrible – 20 toofies that caused so many battles: struggling with eating, lack of sleep, fevers, snot noses, runny tummies – thank goodness it’s almost over!

Just look at those perfect pearly whites!


20 thoughts on “A mouth full of toofies! :-)

  1. Glad the tooth fairy is leaving you guys for a bit 🙂 Still love this photo, such a perfect little guy xx

  2. It must be annoying to feel the teeth coming through- enjoy your champagne when the last one comes through!

  3. Oh definitely – Champagne would be in order!! He is such a handsome lil dude, with that dashing smile! 🙂

  4. That is just awesome, what a journey this teething business is! Let us know when you pop that champagne 🙂

  5. We had this 3 weeks ago when L was going through his no mommy phase, perfect in the day, a little troublesome at night, not much, then we gave him something for the pain and out like a light. Also waiting for the last 4 molars to come outThis little boy is soooooooo adorable

  6. Thanks LL, but shame poor guy, can see he is suffering this past couple of days – so it’s max doses of Nurofen for him!

  7. Thanks Sharon, he does have a cutie-pie smile hey! But must say those smiles were in anticipation for chocolate 😀

  8. Thanks Jess… yup tough tough tough, didn’t expect it to be this tough when we started out, but hey, we’re almost done… until the next one comes along 😐

  9. Thanks Helen! Eish I hope L’s toofies comes out quickly – Jamie’s made us suffer this past 3 nights…eeeeek!

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