Jamie just turned 21 months on Saturday!  I’m just glad that it’s MONTHS and not years, because good gosh it feels like the time is flying as if it’s on fire!  Yes, that means we are 3 months away from Jamie turning two years… unbelievable, my little boy is getting bigger and bigger and more clever each day as well.  I enjoy him so much! 


Here are a few highlights of this past month:



This is one of his most favourite things to do right now – waving and saying in the cutest little voice possible “tatta tatta” and he mixes it up with “bye bye” as well!  If you are really, really lucky, he’ll throw you a kiss as well.  If he watches Thomas & Friends or Barney, he waves good bye to them too if the program ends or if they say hello or good bye, and sometimes when he watches In the Night Garden he will throw kisses to Makka Pakka, Upsydaisy, the Tombliboos, the Hahoos, the Ninky-Nonk, and the Pinky-Ponk, but IgglePiggle just gets a wave… guess he doesn’t like IgglePiggle as much!



Our cat, Jade, is getting fat, and why… because Jamie loves feeding him.  In the morning and in the evening he will point to Jade’s food and we have to fill a cup and then Jamie will most carefully walk to Jade’s bowl and fill it.  If he drops any pellets, he will pick it up one by one and put it in Jade’s bowl.  Some mornings he wants to feed Jade 3 to 4 times!  I really need to start giving Jamie some pocket money, because he really took over this little task with so much joy!



Jamie’s love for music and dance just grows and grows as the time goes by – and he has picked up a couple of new moves too!  It’s so cute watching him dance, he does it with so much vigour and delight.  He started singing too – especially when the “I love you, you love me” part comes in Barney.  He loves doing the moves of a song too, like all the motions in “The wheels on a bus” – his favourite is “The mommies on the bus goes shhhh shhh shhhh” and this taught him to shhhhhh me, because just this morning he placed his finger in front of his mouth and went “shhhhh” when I talked and he was listening to a song – cheeky little monkey!



It’s getting cold in PE, especially in the mornings, and he loves this new cuddle time with me and his dad when he gets in bed with us in the early morning.  I must say I love it too – nothing better than warm baby cuddles and kissies.  This morning he pressed his mouth, still with the dummy in tact to give my a kissy, and then he removed his dummy and pressed his mouth against mine for another kissy – so very precious! Moments like these are engraved into my mind.



I love having Jamie in the kitchen with me and he takes a great interest in what I do.  He intently watched me while I was making toast a few times, and once he wanted to be in my arms, and as you know it’s not easy spreading toast with one hand!  So I put him on the kitchen counter while I finished his toast – then the next time he also wanted to sit on the kitchen counter, and now we have this cute little ritual.  He will point to the bread and I will put a slice in the toaster.  Then we will get the butter and Bovril ready, while we watch the toaster, and then when the toast pops, Jamie giggle, because he adores this part!  He then helps mommy spread the toast.  He has a similar thing with his daddy as well, because daddy always makes the coffee in our home, so he now helps daddy with the coffee too!  Awww I love my little Chef-in-Training, I can’t wait until he graduates to Sous-Chef!


As you can see we have such good times with our little guy!  He is one amazing little human being, such a sweet boy and he has so much love in him.  I love how his blue eyes sparkle when he is happy and content and I love how affectionate he is.  He really is bringing perfection to our lives!


Happy 21 months, my angel boy!




13 thoughts on “*21*

  1. Hehe the white made me think of Santa’s beard, but he was actually eating one of those white candy coated easter eggs, his whole face was full of it 😀

  2. I love your page with Pixie-Wixie, so cute manI’m not keen on L in the kitchen, he keeps pinching my grated cheese and washing his cars in the cats water bowl, sheez man

  3. Thanks Helen! Hehe I have those moments in my kitchen too, but it’s hubby who pinches my grated cheese or bacon bits! And Jamie sommer drinks out of Jade’s water bowl… or he starts the washing machine… never a dull moment with these dudes!

  4. LOL, reminds me of the other day when I was frying bacon bits and L wanted to join in. I gave him a bowl, a spoon and some dog biscuits to stir around. Ahem, needless to say he chucked the dog biscuits into my bacon bits. I didn’t think he could reach the back plate but there you have it.

  5. Oh my gosh, that story gave me a good chuckle! These little ones are getting more clever by the day… or should I say mischievous!

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