First Easter Egg :o)

This past weekend my hubby said “I wonder what Jamie would do with an Easter Egg” and without thinking twice I loaded some easter eggs into my shopping trolley – only one way to find out and it’s about time!  Last year Jamie was still too little for chocolate but since then we discovered he loooooves chocolate, just like his mommy!

Oh boy, did he have fun with that easter egg!  Sucking on it and licking it until his mouth was all blue from the candy coating.  Then the easter egg broke in two and he tried “fixing” it, putting it back together… I guess he took some inspiration from Humpty Dumpty :-p  Then when he failed, he ate the rest of it, trying to feed me some, losing some of it on the ground, but he enjoyed every single morsel!

This year we’re definitely going to have an Easter Egg Hunt!  I certainly can’t wait 


19 thoughts on “First Easter Egg :o)

  1. I couldn’t believe it when I saw easter eggs in Woolies 2 weeks ago. I was surprised they weren’t next to the santa claus chocolate figures as christmas had only just finished.What does he do with the marshmellows ones I wonder.

  2. Yup I couldn’t believe it as well! Sommer Valentines and Xmas and Easter thrown all together! He got a marshmallow egg at school the other day, but he didn’t want to taste, so will try again a bit later. My boy is a fussy one when it comes to eating!

  3. Hehe – oe jong dit lyk of hy dit geniet het! En so cute van hom om dit te try weer terug aanmekaar te sit (slim outjie!)Geniet die naweek!!

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