Our kids are little piggy banks!

I received such a beautiful and true email in Afrikaans.  It contains such a special message and I really want to make the effort to live by this.   This is the message I got out of it: 


Our children are only little piggy banks.  Everything depends on how full or empty they are – what you put in is what you’re going to get out.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Remember all the love and attention we’re investing in our piggy banks is going to be returned to us one day.  Today we’re adults and our children still in nappies and toothless, one day our children will be the adults and we will be in nappies and toothless!  How your child is going to handle you then, all depends on how you are handling them now.  A present, pocket money or a sweet brings joy for half an hour… then it’s over.  It will never replace a nice cuddle on daddy’s lap or a hug from mommy when you wake them up in the morning and say “wake up my little darling, I’ve been missing you!”.


It has been said that people that have been hurt will continue to hurt others – more than 85% of these emotionally drained cases is because the people have been hurt in their youth.  That hurt can only heal with the unconditional love that parents have for their children.


Give a lot of love, be friendly, be giving and supportive.  Deal with a problem in a calm and peaceful manner, make sure you show great self-control and patience when your children screw up.  This is how they learn to handle the challenges that life throws at them – by seeing your example…  Put the right coins in your child’s piggy bank!  Times change, people change, but you will always be your child’s parent – ALWAYS!


I certainly want to have this for Jamie… always be there for him.  Yes we will make sure he has a roof over his head, safety, food in his tummy and proper schooling, but I also want to make sure that he gets the attention he deserves, spent as much quality time I can with him, sing to him, dance with him, tell him stories, give him lots of hugs and kisses.  I just want to be there for him, whenever he needs me, no matter what.  I want to teach him the right qualities in life, but to do that I must also learn to be patient and learn how to tackle a problem by staying calm and collected and not freak out straight off the bat… not an easy task, but who said parenthood was easy hey!


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