Happy 15 Months Jamie-Baby!!!

Happy 15 months to my most precious boy, the part of my heart that’s outside my body, one of the two reasons I still smile every single day.  Can’t believe we’re well on our way to your second birthday.  Mommy loves you more than the water in the sea, more than all the grains of sand, more than anything that’s possible to mention.

I hate that you’re sick on your month-day, my boy, but we’re on our way to aunty doctor and she’ll sort you out real quick.  Feel better my little special dude.



20 thoughts on “Happy 15 Months Jamie-Baby!!!

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  2. Hello Mrs C 🙂 Doing okay thanks, just busy busy this time of year coupled with absolute exhaustion, but we’ll survive! How are things with you? I’ve been such a stranger again on the blogs

  3. Whoops sorry. Jamie is doing really great thanks, cute as a button and an absolute joy! Had a bit of a hard time with middle ear infection and upper respitory infection, but luckily better now xx

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