A bit of an update

Ag nee, 12 days since I last had the chance to update my blog.  Life is so hectic at the moment, work is keeping me busy and my free time mainly gets spent with my two precious guys, that’s now besides the time that goes towards cooking, doing about 5 bundles of laundry a week and tidying our little nest.  Luckily we have a house-angel who does the cleaning and ironing, otherwise I would have gone bonkers by now!


So it’s about time for an update from me!


Toddlerhood is still heaps of fun, although I don’t appreciate the tantrums from time to time, but hey I’m getting good with ignoring it and have mastered the art of distraction.  There’s nothing that 2 Smarties can’t fix 🙂 


I must say though that I’m in constant amazement at how fast Jamie is developing, and all the milestones he is reaching bit by bit.  I love his talking the most!  I’ve been away for work last week for two days and I had fat conversations with him over the phone, of course he was still blabbering away in baby language, but I thought it was so very cute.  He still calls me “mama” and his dad he calls either “pappa” or “dadda”.  He says “hejo” for “hello” when he is on the phone and when he feels something cold like water he says “koud, koud, koud”.  Whenever I give him a little bowl with something to eat in it and he finishes it, he hands me the bowl back and says “klaar” (finished).  I’m also hard at work to teach him to say “dankie” and sometimes he does reply with a “danjie” or a “ta”.


He is growing beyond belief, and is already wearing his 18 – 24 months clothes, even though he is only 14½ months old.  He loves running around and adores playing outside, especially in water.  His favourite activity is if we leave open the tap slightly over a bucket to play with the small stream of water – it amazes him for as long as the tap is open.  He also loves bathing time with his daddy, that’s their bonding time and they have loads of fun with bathtoys, bubble bath and games.  I wonder if his love for water comes from his star sign, he is a Cancer…


Speaking about water, I had a bit of a bad-mommy moment on Sunday.  We took Jamie to the beach and he had so much fun playing in the sand.  My hubby then went towards the water and Jamie immediately ran after him, with me following.  I then rushed to get infront of him, about 2m ahead of him so that he could catch up with me again, we were still both on dry sand.  Then the first ripple of water came and I stood still wanting to watch Jamie’s reaction when the water reaches him, flowing over his footsies.  But I underestimated the force of the ocean and it threw Jamie off his feet and by the time I managed to get to him the wave rolled him 3 times.  My poor little guy, I will never forget his little face while he was off his feet, if anything would have happened to him I would have died.  Luckily he was okay, now we just have to work at him not being afraid of the sea. 


I can’t believe how fast this year is flying, it’s almost time for my little guy’s second Christmas.  I’m so much looking forward to it, this year he’s going to have so much more fun than last year when he was still a 5-month old baby.  I’m already thinking where I should put the tree so that little hands don’t pull it over or pick off the ornaments, and if I should trade my silver, green and purple colour theme for Jamie’s beloved blue.  Oh I just can’t wait!  When are you putting your tree up?  I’m just like a little girl, wanting to put it up soonest, sometimes I think I’m worse than the retail stores who is already starting with their Xmas decorations.


When 2012 comes, Jamie will be moving over to the toddler side at daycare.  His friend who is the same age already moved over, and although Jamie is more steady with the walking thing, Matthew is a bit bigger than he is.  I think it’s a good thing that we’re only making the move next year as Jamie still has two naps a day and at the toddler side they’re only allowed one 2-hour nap, so I can use the December holidays to get him accustomed to one long nap.


Meal-time is fun time… okay, truthfully – sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t!  Some days my boy is so fully of – let’s just say “strawberries” and doesn’t want to eat anything besides yogurt and fruit, other days he surprises me with how much he can pack away.  Last night he had so much chicken I couldn’t believe it.  He has developed a taste for banana, but don’t dare give him a peeled one, I only peel the top and then he eats it out of the peel.  He still loves nartjies, apples and strawberries too, and I can’t wait for all the summer fruit to come in season – he is going to love it!


I must make more time to scrapbook and blog about Jamie, he is growing up so fast and I want to remember every single thing, even when I’m old and grey and having fun with my great-grandchildren.  The moments I spend with him are so precious and so treasured… priceless!


19 thoughts on “A bit of an update

  1. My 2nd favourite little guy is doing so well! I love the conversations they have with themselves! It’s too precious, and they seem so chuffed with their conversations! (-: bless. Give Jamie a big kiss from me!

  2. Aw, what an awesome update Debs! Dit het nou so lekker gelees. Fab piccie of gorgeous Jamie!LOL @ being worse than the retail stores when it comes to Xmas, hehe!Flip, ditto on making more time to scrapbook…Great post!xx

  3. Love the update, your boy is growing up beautifully. I am also looking forwards to xmas and have started buying wrapping paper and ribbon. I may join you with the early decorations!

  4. Aw Debs! He is getting so big! Love the mental pic of him playing with the water from the tap. I’ve also started thinking of where I’m going to put my Christmas tree…. :-)Ditto on making time to document these days.

  5. Great update, yay on Jamie eating fruit, yippee.I had one of those bad mommy moments when Liam fell in the pool, he just sank, I’ve never moved so quickly in my life. The net was off coz DH was cleaning it, phew, close one, but you can see how quickly it happens.

  6. Wat a stunning update Debs xx Bly hy is ok na hy omgeval het dit is baie groot skrik 😦 Smarties is definitief the way to go for distraction 🙂 heeheeEn soos altyd daardie kind van jou is gorgeous!

  7. Thanks Nelia 🙂 Perhaps we should put our little guys on the phone to speak to each other, how cute will that be ❤ Big kissies to Alessandro the Great xx

  8. Thanks so much Jess. Wish we could go scrapbook shopping together and kuier and scrapbook over a bottle vino… hopefully one day xx

  9. It’s going to be a fun Xmas for sure! Can you imagine those cute little toddlers beneath the Xmas tree, wanting to tear open their pressies!

  10. Thanks for reading my update, Kim! Can’t believe our little guys are growing ups so quickly… time flies when you’re having fun. Hope you are doing well! xx

  11. Yoh! So glad your little man is okay. I just realised how quick something like that happens. Man alive, we need another pair of eyes in our heads!

  12. For sure! I completed my pregnancy & birth scrapbook, and now busy with the scrapbook of his first year, but I’m a few months behind 🙂

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