14 Months

Another month has gone by and my little angel turned 14 months today!  In 10 months we’ll be celebrating another birthday, where oh where is the time going?


His new favourite thing is strawberries, he gulps them down so quickly I can hardly keep track.  He’s a bit fussy with his food at this moment, but I guess it’s okay as he still eats enough and he gets enough nutrition from his meals every day.  He still loves his yogurt, droëwors, Bovril toast & fruit as per usual, and still despises egg in any form.  Oh and I made the mistake of giving him a Smartie the other weekend – the look of delight on his face was priceless!  He puts the Smartie in his mouth and then sucks it until the chocolate melts away in his mouth – a real chocoholic like his mom :-p


Toofies are still bothering, but at least he has recovered from his ear infection and tummy bug.  He has to take his last antibiotics tonight, so I hope then it’s all smooth sailing for the rest of the year.


He is still very active.  Gosh I wish I knew where he gets his energy from, because I need some too!  He loves playing and running around and his new favourite thing is not riding his trike, but pushing an empty trike around.  His room is full of toys and resembles a mini Toys r Us, but his other favourite thing to play with his an empty formula tin – I’ve cut a slot in the lid and now he has the time of his life pushing Purity lids through. 


His new thing to say is “kyk daar” or rather “kykda”, meaning look there.  I love making out new words and try to teach him more.  Can’t wait for the day that he can tell me things and I’ll understand fully.


Jamie also seemed to have learned a few more dance moves and he still loves shaking his booty to music.  His absolute favourite song is “Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro”  whenever the song starts he will stop what he is doing and start to clap his hands and bop to the rhythm. 


I can keep on writing forever about my little dude and all his doings, there’s literally never a dull moment in our lives with him around.  The little ray of sunshine that he is!


Happy 14 months, Jamie-Jame!

Mommy loves you lots like jellytots xx


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