My poor little dude

Oh my hat!  What a week!  Wednesday daycare phoned and told me to come and fetch Jamie because he started vomitting and his little tummy isn’t well either.  So hubby went to fetch Jamie and brought him home where we both watched him like hawks.  After a good nap it was clear that he wasn’t going to keep anything in and our thoughts immediately went to March when he had the Adeno virus and was hospitalized and on a IV for 3 days, so his dad took him to the doc while I completed some work stuff.  

Poor little guy wasn’t only suffering from a stomach bug, but he’s got an ear infection as well and the sinusses are blocked and a bit of an eye infection.  On top of this all his toofies are bothering him as well.

But we’ve got a little trooper! I kept him home with me yesterday, I had a rough day as I had to work as well, but we survived and after lots of cuddles and lots of love and care from his mommy and daddy he is better, not 100%, but definitely better.  So this weekend we’re staying in, cuddling up and having loads of quality family time together.

I get so sad when my little one isn’t well.  I just wished these little bodies didn’t have to get sick and they were guaranteed full health until they’re at least teenagers.  They don’t understand why they’re not feeling well and it breaks my heart.  I’ve never felt this helpless in my life, until I held a sick baby.  Yesterday again, I just wanted to cry when I held that warm, “pap” little body and he put his arms around my neck, perfectly content to stay in my arms and snuggle up against me- other days he just wants to run around and play and only indulge me in a quick hug before he carries on.

Mamma will make better, that’s a promise 

Feel better my Jamie xx


24 thoughts on “My poor little dude

  1. oh mommy, i know exactly how you feel debs! Sommer brought tears to my eyes! You’re doing such a great job mommy and daddy! Jamie-james, get better soon big boy!

  2. Shame hope Jamie gets 100% better so soon! I often wonder why they have to get sick from their toofies and why they have to be so vulnerable… Caleb’s not even here yet and I already cringe at the thought of him being sick 😦

  3. Ag shame Debs – ek hoop hy is sommer gou weer sy ou self en dat hy vinnig gesond sal word. Ek was ook hierdeur hierdie week en ek wil regtig nie die laaste paar dae oorhΓͺ nie. Sterkte daar en ek hoop julle het ‘n lekker naweek! xxx

  4. Ag no man, poor Jamie, and poor you. It’s horrible when they’re sick and like you said they don’t understand and you feel completely helpless.Enjoy the weekend of cuddling and getting better.Love to JamieHugs

  5. Thanks Nelia πŸ™‚ It’s horrible when our boys are sick, hey. How are you, busy with Alessandro’s birthday preparations I suppose?

  6. Thanks AyDee- yip apparently after Jamie left daycare a few others were sent home too. Shame, I feel sorry for the poor caregivers having to clean up everything

  7. O jinne, ek onthou nou net dat ek net nou die dag so jammer vir jou gevoel het om daardeur te gaan, ek het nie eers besef nie. Hoop dinge is al beter daar by jou en dat julle ‘n awesome naweek gaan he na alles xx

  8. Thanks Helen! At least it’s Friday today, so lots to look forward to. I hope you and your little guy are doing well. Have a fab weekend x

  9. Hope you guys had a special weekend of cuddling and special times! I agree, it’s a design flaw that little ones get so sick!!Hugs to u and Jamie.xx

  10. NOTHING freaks me more out than my little one being sick. I really do hope he is feeling 100% again today and is off at daycare playing with his friends.

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