An update on my freshly-turned toddler-boy

With time speeding by so quickly and Jamie growing in leaps and bounds I thought I better do a little update.  I’m scrapbooking like mad, keeping a video diary and updating my blog as much as I can – there are so many things I want to remember and never forget!


My little dude is getting cuter by the day.  The other day he started to stomp his little feet when he dances.  It’s really so nunu when I stomp my foot and then he stomps his!  He also started to give high fives and low fives 🙂  The little sweetie-pie is a real good copycat too and will imitate simple little things that we do – but only if it suits him.  Oh and he is a little chatterbox, we’re not able to make out everything he says, but that doesn’t stop him from blabbering as much he can.  This weekend we were driving in our car and at a stop street I wanted to tell hubby that there’s no cars coming from my side and I said “go” and then the little mister said “go” from behind me – too cute for words!   


He still enjoys his children’s music and I must say I’m happy to be able to hear a little less of Carike Keuzenkamp’s music, because I got so tired of Pinocchio, Dapper Muis, Ons ry met die trein etc over and over again!  However, he has taken a liking in Lollos, which isn’t so bad and quite refreshing after tannie Carike, but after listening to the dvd at least once or twice a day for the past 3 weeks I’m getting a bit tired of that too!  Luckily I’ve bought him another CD which consists of 100 nursery songs and he is starting to like it  – so yay for variety!


We took him for his 12-month immunizations last week and it was heart-breaking for me as a mommy, seeing as he is more aware of his surroundings.  I didn’t expect the shots to be given in his arms this time, so that was quite a shock as well.  I must say, he was a brave boy and only cried for a couple of seconds after each injection, nothing a couple of Flings couldn’t fix, but the sister did warn us that we might expect him to react to the vaccinations 5 – 10 days after he received him and he isn’t himself currently, so feeling really sorry for my little angel-boy (and for his mommy and daddy having to do the pyjama patrol at night).  He was also weighed and measured and he is weighing 10.5 now although I’m not sure it’s accurate as he was weighed on a normal scale and as you can imagine little boys doesn’t stand still!  He has also grown a whole lot – he is 76 now – a full 25cm longer than when he was born.


Jamie loves being outdoors and I’m so glad we bought him the trike for his birthday, he loves riding outside when the sun shines.  The other day we took him to the beach for the first time since he started walking and he had the time of his life running around on the beach, touching the sand, feeling the seawater beneath his feet.  He’s a real sunshine child.


We’re exactly halfway with the teething now – 10 toofies out!  I’m so glad that his two top molars are out completely, but there’s no light at the end of the tunnel yet, as I see that his gums are itching like crazy again if I look at how he chews his toys, so I think there are more molars coming.  I dread teething, there’s nothing fun about that.


On the food front I’m happy to report that Mr Jamie is eating well.  He loves it when I put corn or peas in front of him, he likes eating them one by one – I don’t dare put a spoonful in his mouth, they will come straight out, there’s no fun in eating like that, mom!  His favourites are still yogurt, Bovril soldiers, sausages, cheese and he loves it when I put broccoli in his veggie mix – weird for a kid, I know!  He despises eggs – I’ve tried it scrambled, boiled and fried, the only thing he’ll tolerate is egg-bread, but only if there’s cheese and Bovril on.  I tried switching him over to cow’s milk, but he didn’t like that at all, the milk would come out like a little fountain, then I tried Nido and failed, back on stage 3 formula and then tried Nido again and succeeded, now he loves it.  Must say I like the idea of growing up milk for toddlers, so will try cow’s milk again in a few months’ time.


I can’t believe how fast he is developing – he is already running around.  He understands certain things I say to him and reacts to things I ask of him – like he will come and kiss me when I ask for a kissey, or he will “ta” me something when I ask.  Just don’t ask him for the tv remote, he loves that too much and it has to be sneaked out of his hands 🙂


Unfortunately he has also started to throw tantrums – that’s not fun at all!  And unfortunately I must say that he’s got a bit too much of his mom’s temperament and gets upset way too easily.  So tough times in this household!  Hubby and I have to learn we have to stand our ground and not give in… it’s tough when you look at a little face wet with crocodile tears – but we don’t want to raise a spoilt child and make sure he doesn’t learn how to manipulate us to get what he wants.  I guess we need to pick our battles to make sure of that.


We’re having so much fun with him nonetheless – every day with him is a great day, every smile is heart-warming, every little kiss or baby hug makes our little family stronger.

I love my guys so much!


13 thoughts on “An update on my freshly-turned toddler-boy

  1. Snookems, know about that chatterbox, if we don’t understand L I just say “Ok, we’ll do that tomorrow” heheWhen I get cars in front of me at a stop street L says “move car, move” Ehem, that’s me of course.L loves his veggies too, what good boys we have.Best things for tantrums is distraction, even then those 15 seconds of screaming seem like a lifteime, even more so when you’re in public.Sexy man, shampies

  2. Aw, what a perfect update, wow!Jamie is growing and developing so beautifully, what a clever lil dude!LOL @ tannie Carike.Awesome, ten toofies!LOVE the piccies hehe!xx

  3. First I must say that I admire you for keeping such good “documentation” on your little dude’s life! I am terrible at it…My kids also love broccoli, peas and corn :)! It is wonderful when they love the good stuff…He is really a cute little dude! Love the pic (as always)

  4. Good advise about distraction… I must get a plan of action together because I can’t seem to find the right distraction for him yet! Hehe good boys for eating their veg 🙂

  5. Thank you, Mrs. C – you’re so kind! I also started a scrapbook for me and hubby, but I’m also a little behind with it – will have to catch up soon :-)Have a beautiful day xx

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