What does Motherhood mean to you?

I took a little me time this week and I watched the movie Motherhood.  It’s about this overwhelmed mother, Eliza, played by Uma Thurman who has about a thousand things on her to-do-list, running her household, blogging, taking care of her children, organising a birthday party, being there for her friends and a whole other stuff.  In this movie she takes part in a competition, she has to write an essay about what she thinks motherhood is and throughout the movie she does a lot of soul searching as she tries and figure out what it really means to her.  The movie is a must see for any mom, or any parent for that matter.


I want to share with you a part of the essay Eliza wrote as it really struck a chord with me – I think it’s so true and a real eye opener:



Motherhood is about accepting the limitations of time and energy, which stretch beyond you, even if sometimes it feels

they could consume you.

Search for and hold on to your own true self.

If you lose that, what kind of mother can you be?

Things are always changing, no matter how much we might want things to stay the same.

You could take a picture of your kids every single day,

and every single day, they’d just be getting older.

That’s a fact.

A heart breaking fact.

But still a fact.

So seize your days and dwell in them fully.

Look to your children because they know how to inhabit brief periods of time with extreme passion.

And for nothing more, really, than the sake of those moments.

They can help you remember that, if you only slow down and let them.

Feel fortunate because chances are good you actually might be.


10 thoughts on “What does Motherhood mean to you?

  1. Thanks for this Debs. I think that Motherhood is sometimes thought of as being a natural thing when in fact none of us has a clue just how overwhelming and difficult it can be. Of course as all Mummies know, somehow the good outweighs all the difficult in our hearts. Have a great weekend. xx hugs xx

  2. Very wise words Shazzie! I saw it again this morning – we had a bad night with Jamie, was more awake with him than we got sleep, but it took just one smile from him this morning to make up for all that.

  3. It’s something you’ll enjoy, Jess. But I don’t think our hubbies will truly understand, that’s why I watched alone.

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