The Baby-Love Programme / Sleep Training

Has anybody tried the Baby-Love Programme?


When Jamie turned 2 months he started sleeping through the night… until I had to go back to work and he had to start daycare.  That disrupted his routine and he started waking up in the night again, after a while he started taking a night feed again, then teething started and the poor little guy had a rough time cutting 10 teeth in about 5 or 6 months, he was ill a couple of times, one hospital stay and everything snowballed so that me and hubby hasn’t had a decent night’s rest in a couple of months.


After searching for sleep training professionals I came across the Baby-Love programme.  According to them they take a very holistic approach to the baby according to his own individual needs, eating routines, daytime routines etc.  Once these have been addressed, then the sleep training falls into place.  Now I’m very weary of sleep training, I hate it when Jamie cries, I easily start crying myself and initially I thought sleep training was cruel.  Until I talked to a friend who tried it and she said her baby was so different when he started sleeping through the night, he was a different little person, much happier.  She told me that I mustn’t think of it as getting him to sleep through the night for ME, so that I can sleep, but rather for JAMIE, because he will feel so much better.  We often forget that our sleep gets disrupted, but the baby gets just as little sleep through everything, only difference is we don’t get to take any day naps to make up for a rough night!


The lady from Baby-Love assured me that the difference is that the sleep training is done in a loving, caring environment and the routines are pretty easy to follow.  I still have my doubts about it and haven’t made up my mind yet, although hubby has approved it and I’ve read all the success stories on their website.


Now I want to know, have you tried it or what’s your opinion on it?

All I want is for Jamie to always sleep as peaceful as he is sleeping here.


17 thoughts on “The Baby-Love Programme / Sleep Training

  1. Aww little Jamie, such a little angel face. I was dreadful about getting Jess into a routine for sleeping other than she fell asleep on my lap and that continued for 3 years. She slept through for the first time when she was 6!!!! Don’t follow my example, I know how hard it is but I do wish that I had some help back then, she is still a restless sleeper and I am sure it is because I didn’t have a routine.The tears get to me every time.Hugs.xx

  2. Aww Debs, he’s still gorgeous, you can look at them for hours when they’re asleep.Haven’t heard about that sleep training, but I’ve never had to research it either, sorry.

  3. I’m not a fan of sleep training… I always ask myself “How would you like to cry yourself to sleep every night?” – just seems so cruel. Guess I’m too much of a softy when it comes to that lol

  4. Aaw what a cutie pie! Can’t help re the Baby Love thing, sorry. I also can’t stand the crying. But we will also have to make a plan very soon.Good luck making your decision. I’m sure you’ll make the best decision for Jamie. Remember to trust your gut….

  5. I heard from a friend re. BabyLove routine, but she didn’t have a consultant help, just triend their concepts I think and she wa shappy…I have been lucky with the training when BebeLuv’s routine goes wacky – I don’t allow cry it out but just patting & shushin whilst she is in the cot. If she stands up we hug tight whilst she’s in the cot and me on my knees on the other side of the camp cot & keep patting & shushing. I think it’s worked better for us cos the sleep probs escalated more after 1yr b-day and she understood sleeping in the dark room but just needs comfort

  6. Friends of ours used them and within 3 nights there baby was sleeping through.This was a mazing as I think the most he had slept before was 3 hour stints.But I believe they are not cheap

  7. Oh Shazzie, I just know I wont be able to go for another 5 years with so little sleep. I really need this little guy to become a better sleeper

  8. I’m a big softy myself and have been against it since I’ve heard of it. But now I’m asking myself, shouldn’t I try, to equip him to self sooth, so scared he goes thoughout his whole life with sleeping problems

  9. Thanks Kim, so true what you say about trusting your gut, but my gut is split in two. Good luck to you guys too, hope sleep training isn’t needed in the end!

  10. That’s great AyDee. I’ve tried that, but it didn’t work… even with me there, patting and shhhh’ing he still cries. Ai this mommy business is hard!

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