A gorgeous little one-year old

Isn’t he just gorgeous?  Sorry I don’t mean to brag, but can’t help myself – I love this little guy so much!

Secondly I’m bragging with my dear friend’s photographic talent, she just knows how to capture a moment.  Thanks Bernadette, I absolutely adore this photo of my blue-eyed boy. (www.ravenphotography.co.za)


31 thoughts on “A gorgeous little one-year old

  1. Ag munchie man. I also like to brag with L, as moms we are allowed to think that our baby is the most beautful creature in the world, which they are.I’m too scared to even look at DH’s camera, it’s got so many attachments to it.Cya around

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful pic of gorgeous Jamie!!!Berni sure does have talent.He’s lost his baby look, such a lil boy now!<3 ❤ <3xx

  3. Thanks Mrs. C – I guess he will always be mommy’s little baby, but can’t help to see him as a little boy myself now

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