Jamie's first birthday celebrations

So a little over a week ago we celebrated my Jamie’s very first birthday and what a day it was!

We took the day off to make Jamie’s day super special and the 3 of us had so much fun together. When Jamie woke up we gave him a huge bunch of helium balloons and he was in total awe of it, playing with them, wanting to taste it and just starting at it! Then it was time for Jamie to open his presents.

His pressies for his first birthday included:

  • A brand-spanking-new Trike, Action Blocks, a Push-along Musical Elephant and a Lollos dvd from his mommy and daddy
  • A Fisher & Price Telephone and a Truck with some beach toys from his grandfather & grandmother
  • Spiderman Scooter from his godparents
  • His very first play-play cellphone from Uncle Tony & Aunty Kristal
  • A stunning car set from Aunty Liezel
  • A beautiful blue truck from Aunty Jess
  • The most gorgeous eco-friendly shirt from Aunty Berni
  • …there might be more, but this mommy can’t remember now!..

So he was spoilt beyond believe!

The rest of the day was spent enjoying his birthday cake, taking Jamie for a ride on his trike, going out for ice-cream and so on – a truly memorable day – Jamie loved the quality time we spent together and all the attention.

And now we have a little Toddler Jamie! Oh what fun!


22 thoughts on “Jamie's first birthday celebrations

  1. Gorgeous boy! Looks like he had a super day! The cake looks really yummy and cool!PS. i accidentally rated your post 2 stars! Not meant to! Sorry! Do not know how to undo… Blush

  2. Oops, r we supposed to rate these blogs? Oh dearStunning pics of the man, love the cake, you can make mine next year for L. Those trikes are great, used to push L around the block on hisWhat a cool day, another year of fun

  3. Gorgeous!!! Love that cake ALOT, when I first saw it I found myself briefly wishing Layla was a boy! LOL.Sounds like a wonderful day that you had. Very special memories.

  4. Thank you dearest Jess. I really need some classes in icing as there were so many flaws, a good thing I loaded it with sweets!

  5. Haha I don’t really bother with the rating-stuff, I just give my comments :-)Thanks, glad you like the cake, but I tell you I was so worried that it might flop, especially the decorating!Also push Jamie around the complex!PS in which area do you live?

  6. No ways your cake is awesome! I can’t ice for dot (for want of a better word lol) so that is why I used fondant, gives such a nice smooth look which I would never have gotten even close to by icing the cake and quite easy once you know how!

  7. I thought fondant was even more difficult than icing… urgh you see I really need lessons. Gonna read up on the fondant for next time around πŸ™‚ thanks for the tip

  8. Well done on the tjoekoe-tjoekoe cake, looks very professional. Have you discovered the joys of working with moulding chocolate yet? You can shape/build/cover just about anything with it.Nice pics of the birthday boy.

  9. Sjoe Debs – die koek is beautiful! Ag dis so lekker om die kleintjies te bederf op hulle groot dag – bly julle het dit geniet!

  10. Hi there! Haha oh no, it was no way near too professional looking, I just hid all the flaws with sweeties πŸ™‚ I have moulded chocolate before, but haven’t in a really long time, thanks for the tip, it’s a good idea!

  11. Debs weereens geluk met sy 1ste verjaarsdag! Sy treintjie koek was stunning – Kan sien hy het lekker geΓ«et πŸ™‚

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