Off they go…

Back to school for Jamie – Grade 3!  I can’t get over the fact that he is in Grade 3… last year of the foundation phase, cursive writing, Irish lines, no more bulletjies rugby, but proper rugby and so much in store for this year.  Next year there will be exams; and and and. … wow!

Look at my boy growing up!  He was so excited for his first day and is very happy with his new teacher.  Gosh homework has already started yesterday…blegh.

And Shae… my baby…. started Grade 0 yesterday… Pre-Primary!  Be still my beating heart.

She handled her first day like a little champ.  No tears, let me repeat that because I was amazed – no tears!  None for mommy either, but gosh I felt them in my heart for my baby that is growing up so quickly.  She just got a bit shy when it was time to go into her classroom, but took her teacher’s hand with no hesitation and let us go with ease.  She told me last night she had a good day and this morning she asked her daddy if she can walk into her classroom alone.  Damn… slow down time, really now!

So proud of these kids! ❤ ❤ ❤


Jamie 007

So Helen mentioned that Liam thinks Jamie resembles Daniel Craig, so I had to compare haha! I definitely think they have some similar features! What do you think, Helen?



Christmas Holidays 2018

We had a staycation filled to the brim with special quality time spent with each other, special friends and family and many wonderful activities in and around PE.

With our recent loss of a precious family member I knew Christmas was going to be hard and it was, but also it made us appreciate the togetherness with family and friends more.

Although Holly our Jolly Elf has already made her appearance, we only ended up putting our Christmas tree up on the 17th. The kids had fun decorating it and I must say it’s the first year that they helped from the  beginning to the end, not losing interest to help. That was special.  The kids also sent off their letters to Santa.

I took loads of pics this holidays… so bare with me as I share some for safe-keeping on my blog.


We also did Uncle Jumbos with the kids as per tradition.

Christmas Eve was spent at our house with my Mother-in-law, Sis-in-law and nephew. Hubby made a delicious gammon in the Weber and we had a very chilled evening together with yummy food. A candle burned for Tony; and a special photo-bauble on our tree as this was the first Christmas eve spent without him.
The kids loved the opening of presents part. At the end of the evening we left snacks for Santa and Rudolf.


Christmas morning the kids woke up to the pressies Santa left for them.  Rollerskates and Rollerblades, one of the things on their lists.  We had a lovely Christmas lunch with my parents and older sis and bro and their families.  More pressies for the children. They ended up with quite a stash!

We did a lot of fun things during the holidays.  My little sis and family visited, so spent time with them, then my brother and his family visited, and we also did a sleepover and my older sister’s house so spent quality time with all my sibs.  We went to Splash with friends, we had beach days, we went strawberry picking, we went to different kids play places, went to the movies where we ran into Helen.

Johnathan and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary…we didn’t have a babysitter, so we celebrated out with the kids.  On another night we were able to get a babysitter and we had a fun night out with friends from out-of-town.

We never really sat still at home, we were busy and out-and-about all the time… and had so many braais!  When we were home at the odd occasion we played boardgames and the kids were testing out their rollerscates or they were having fun on the trampoline or in the park.

New years we had some quiet time home, it was lovely and much needed.  I set the table nicely and hubby made us a lovely beef roast.49310520_10155595589786650_7729591121499652096_n

The three weeks went by so quickly, wish we could have had another week as we didn’t even get to everything we wanted to do.  But now it’s back to work, back to school and back to reality.  I am thankful for all the special times ❤ and memories made ❤ .

2018 Year-End Interview with Jamie & Shae

Happy 2019 to you all! Hope you had a blessed festive season with the ones you loved 🙂

I will blog about our holidays when I get the chance, but for once I was proactive with our year end-video and I want to post it before I forget.

These two kids are just the best, amazing how their answers changed from last year, and some that stayed the same. Interesting that Jamie’s favourite colour changed; and love that my little girl was able to answer a bit more. Fascinating that they matured in such a manner that there was no silliness when asked if they had the chance to change their name what they will change it to – I remember the previous years they gave made-up, silly names.

Without further ado, here’s it!



For record purposes – previous year’s interviews ❤ xx





Super Stars x2

It feels like yesterday when I uploaded the year-end video with Jamie and Shae, and now it’s almost time to film a new year’s video.  How on earth did this year go by so quickly? My head is spinning…

Last week went on, even whilst dealing with our terribly loss of a loved one – so let me write about it, before this crazy year-end renders me unable to.

First Jamie’s Merit Award.  At their school they receive merits for various things – work in workbook, if parents signs homework, return things on time, behaviour etc.  It starts with a Principal’s Blue Award, then Bronze, Silver, Gold, and lastly they are awarded with a Platinum/Merit Badge.

Last year he did not even come close to receive a Merit Badge.  He only received his Principal’s Blue Award and his Reading Awards up till his reading badge.  Remember because behaviour forms a huge part of it and Jamie’s autistic/ADHD/ODD/SPD his difficulties are easily misunderstood and classified as naughtiness.  He was very disappointed.

At the beginning of this year he told me he is going to work very hard as he wants his Merit Badge.  He really worked hard, I could tell.  He got his award one after the other – and on the 27th he told me he got his gold at last and 3/5 awards to obtain his badge.  I thought it was tickets, but wow he came so close this year and I told him as such that I am really proud of him and that he must keep on trying hard and I’m sure he will get it next year.  2 Days later he came home and showed me he obtained the last 2 merits needed as the teacher still needed to award for their workbooks (and Jamie works really neat).  He was so chuffed and I felt like crying tears of happiness and pride for my boy who showed me once again he can do anything he puts his mind to.  Next year he says he wants to earn the Sunshine Badge too 🙂


Then came his prize giving and again he did me extremely proud with his achievements ❤

Well done, my boy. You made your mommy super proud this year.  Keep on smashing your goals!!!  Grade 3 is waiting for him and I’m sure he will give it horns.

Awww and then my little Shae-Shae had her concert last week as well.  She looked amazingly beautiful, a real little angel.  She sang so beautifully and participated with all her heart with self confidence.  At the end she got a bit teary, but that’s okay – she was a shy little girl, but gained so much self confidence this past 6 months and it shined through.

She said her poem so nicely!

The little miss also brought her report home yesterday and I’m really impressed by how much she learned this last half of the year.  Off to Grade 0 next month, yay!

Okay, I’m sure this came off as one big brag post…. but I’m a proud mommy so please forgive me 😉

Tribute to Tony

On Saturday 1 December we lost my brother in law, Tony. I was in Checkers late afternoon in the veggie aisle when my phone rang and hubby (who was waiting for me in the car with the kids because they are impossible in the shops) told me. I heard what he said, but I could not compute it and I asked “what did you just say?”. He repeated, I dropped my basket and made my way to the car, hoping to get there and it was just a big joke, perhaps to find Tony himself there with a naughty glint in his eyes and a smile on his face. No, it wasn’t so. And then the world as we knew it changed, because someone we loved was no longer in it.

Tony was like my own brother… we differed a year in age and we had the same twisted sense of humor at times and shared so many jokes.  I called him dude, he called me dude. Loved it when he and his family popped in for coffee, just like the Saturday a week before his passing… little did we know that would be the last time, if only we did. Christmas Eve was tradition to always spend together, now what?!?. Words can’t describe how much we are already missing him.

Dude, just know we have always loved you and we always will.  You leave behind a little piece of you in the form of your son – so we know you will live on forever. We will cherish and embrace him and look out for him, I promise.  Thank you for what you meant to us, thank you for being you – we are lucky to have had you in our lives.

This is not goodbye… just till we meet again xxxt,.png

My little ballerina<3

*This mommy* was so proud last night when Shae had her very first dance concert.  Ever since Shae moved over to her new school in June she’s been asking … no, begging us for her to join the dance class, so after the school holidays we enrolled her and she started after the school holidays.  Although she was very excited she never really told us anything about the dancing or showed us anything.  In August the dance school let us know that their annual concert is in September and I replied to them that this surely can’t include Shae as she just started?  They assured me that Shae is included.

Last night was the big night and I wasn’t sure if Shae would actually dance and participate, that she would perhaps be shy, or even scared with all the people, the big stage, loud music etc.  I did her hair in a bun, put on some make-up as blush, eye shadow and lipstick was requested by the dance school and off we went last night.  Oh my gosh, she amazed us! She danced like a real little ballerina and ended with the most funky boogie.  It was wonderful to see ❤ .  Well done, my little dancing fairy-princess, mommy is so proud of you!

Hair and make-up done:


Little Dancing Queen:

Sorry, I have to!


When did my baby get this big?  ❤