Something Shae

Yesterday was Shae’s Grade 0 concert and it was such a treat.  My little girl was the cutest monkey and she sang her heart out.  She participated with such enthusiasm, doing all the corresponding actions, she really made me very proud.  Look how cute she looked!

Afterwards I took her for a well-deserved milkshake to celebrate.  While we were there she scraped her finger when playing so we went to Dischem for plasters. When we walked past the piercing station she wanted to stop and look at the earrings and she just loved the pink studs and she asked me again when she can have her ears pierced… she’s been asking for a couple of months now and this mommy heart was just not ready yet.  We wanted her to decide on her own when she wanted to have this done, we felt like it’s her body and she needs to decide (just wanted her to be sure as well), just like when I was younger – I got mine done when I was 6 years old.  I told her we can ask her daddy, but she needs to understand that it’s going to hurt, but it will be over quickly.  She was so sure of herself so we phoned Johnathan who agreed.  Shae was so excited, but ouchie it hurt and she cried, but afterwards she was so happy and chuffed with her sparkly new earrings.  My little girl really is growing up now. ❤

Isn’t she just lovely!?!

Jamie @ Age 9

Jamie at age 9

I took some close up pics of this cute little face, because he is changing so much, so fast – growing into a real little young man now.


Today 20 years ago…

The year was 1999.  We were young – I turned 19 that July, Johnathan turned 21 the following month.  We both were waiters at the Spur of all places – me after I finished matric and figured out what I want to do with the rest of my life, and him in between his studies while he was swotting for his LLB.

For a team building we were going to go ten pin bowling and I heard from the other waiters that Johnathan wanted to ask me to partner up with him for the games, and I don’t know why, but I asked him.  We ended up going together and had loads of fun, and ended up kissing when he took me home that night.  Next up was a movie date on the 24th of July when he spilled an extra large Coke at the cinema, haha I would never forget that… there was Coke everywhere!  It was a fun date nonetheless, just a pity it didn’t end well as upon my return home I found out my uncle committed suicide.  He was still at our house when I got ready for the date, little did I know he came to say goodbye.

Anyway… Then Johnathan asked me to go with him to a friend’s 21st on Saturday the 31st of July.  We danced, laughed and chatted the night away.  We ended up back at my parent’s house, sitting in the kitchen, smooching a lot and well after midnight on the 1st of August 1999 he asked me to me his girl.

And the rest is history!  Now 20 years later I can officially say (now that since I turned 39 on Monday) that I have spent more than half of my life with him!

Happy 20th date-a-versary to us ❤


Jamie’s 9th Birthday

So on Sunday morning Jamie was up before 6.  His excitement was way too big… it was his special day after all!  He has been begging me for months for a paintball party.  Since we had rain on his birthday quite a number of times, I didn’t do outside parties for a while now, so it was a big gamble. And it rained cats and dogs Friday and almost the whole of Saturday, but we woke up Sunday morning to blue skies, even though it was ice cold and a bit windy.

As per custom it was cupcakes and presents for breakfast!

As per usual I made him a special cake for his birthday and party: a rainbow paintball cake as per his orders!

Invites looked like:


The kids had an absolute blast.  They first divided into two teams and geared up and listened to the very helpful guide as she explained to them the rules and how the paintball guns work.  Even Shae had a good go at it, playing enthusiastically with the older boys.   They played on three different “fields” and then Jamie did what they call the ‘chicken run’ where he ran from point A to point B and everyone shooting at him.  Shame, poor dude got hit in the head and it hurt for a bit, but only until he and Shae got the chance to gang up against their dad in a last game.  In between they ate and celebrated and had a good, old jolly time!

I thought Jamie would be absolutely exhausted afterwards, because the were being kept busy for over 2 and a half hours, but no way – Jamie still built a whole Lego set before going to bed that night.

So all in all my boy had the best day – filled to the brim with lots of fun.

And now he’s a full nine years old!

Jamie is turning N I N E !!!

To the boy that made me a mommy

Two sleeps then you are turning NINE!  I can’t believe you are turning 9…  You are such a big boy, not long before you will be taller than me – growing in leaps and bounds like always.  Jamie, you are such an amazing child. I keep on telling you how clever you are, how handsome and how awesome – I hope you believe me.

You were my sunshine child since the moment I held you in my arms and you still are.  Your smile lights up my world, and nothing makes me happier than seeing you (and your sis) happy.  I truly hope and pray that you will have a happy life, you deserve everything that is beautiful, everything that keeps putting that smile on your face.

Looking back over the years at how you’ve grown and developed makes me such a proud mommy.  You’ve come a far way, even when things aren’t always easy for you.  You keep on trying.  You excel academically – in all your weekly spelling and math tests you get full marks time and time again. You take pride in achieving your best.  You enjoy your rugby and athletics at your school and even learned to play the recorder this year.  You are a mighty talented young man, I can can only imagine the achievements that are still to come in your future.

You are my highly energized child, always on the run, almost never taking things slow.  It makes parenting you hard, but I know you are a go-getter and that will bring you far in life, so we have to embrace it.  Although when you are inspired to do a certain drawing or build Lego, or even decide to read a book, then you are able to focus and do your utmost best to get the job done.

Have a very happy birthday, my sweet child!  May your day be as special as you are.

I love you to the moon, Jupiter, Mars and beyond thousands of times, Jamie.

Forever and always
Your mommy xx ❤

Shae-Shae’s 5th Bday Celebrations

Oh my firecracker of a little girl had a clear vision of what she wanted for her 5th birthday party and somehow this mommy just had to make it happen.  She wanted a pool party at the end of a cold May… Moana themed with a clear idea of her cake and who she wanted there.

Luckily I found a venue with a heated indoor pool, I can bake a cake and Moana things are easily found, phew!  Was hard work though!

We were blessed with the most amazing day on Sunday, it was actually quite hot.  The kids had such a blast swimming and sliding. It was hard getting them out of the pool, nobody wanted to leave.

Let me first share the cake.  Was so chuffed with how nice it came out, so colourful!61007993_10155892395211650_7815867260605562880_n

I combined Moana with a bit of an island-style theme.

Yesterday was little Miss Shae’s actual birthday and we took the day off to spend with her. First opening pressies at home and blowing candles, then birthday ring at school and then the rest of the day spent chilling and playing at home. Was a beautiful day.  Little Miss ordered soup for dinner, it’s her favourite meal and we played with dolls, drew and had so much fun.

I still can’t believe my baby is a whole hand old!