Shae’s Princess Sofia Bash

Oh this little girl had so much birthday fun!  First she had her party with her school friends last Friday.  She enjoyed it so much that she went face first into her mini birthday cake.


For her birthday we planned a lovely party, fit for the little princess she is 🙂

Shae invite2

She was woken up with a cupcake and us singing happy birthday to her.  Gotta have cake at breakfast time on your birthday!

The rest of the day was filled to the brim.  We had her party in the morning with lots of friends and special people. I made her the most beautiful cake – I must say making it brought out the little girl in me, making it made me so happy.  I also did all the baking for the party from little milktarts to an array of cupcakes – double chocolate, white chocolate & caramel, Oreo, scones with cream and some savouries.  That little girl’s face when she saw her cake for the first time was priceless. She actually squealed when she saw it with just the under coat of frosting on and the doll plonked in before the actual fondant decoration took place.

Much fun was had at the party. The kids played so hard and the adults chatting and munching away while the kids were happily keeping themselves busy on the playground.  Even pony rides.

Shae was so hiked up on sugar and adrenaline that she didn’t even want to take a nap when we got home after the party.  We had a bit of down time and then we went to Night at the Museum and afterwards a braai with friends. Was an exceptional day.  The joy on Shae’s face throughout it all made my day, no my year.  So happy that she had such an awesome day.  The next day she got to open the bulk of her presents as there was just no time for it the day before, and she loved absolutely everything she got.  She actually had a full long-weekend of celebrating, precious, lucky little girl ❤




Shae is 3!

My big girl, Miss Sassy Pants, my Princess

Tomorrow 3 years ago you came into our lives and enriched it in more ways than you’ll ever know. I remember you being placed in my arms seconds after being born, me holding you and touching you ever so gently, not quite sure if the moment was real – I’ve been dreaming of you for so long.  You were the missing link in my life, in your dad and brother’s lives too.

When you came, you brought SO much happiness along with you, SO much love, SO much starshine and a little magic.  My little darling, I love you madly, more than you will ever know. Perhaps you’ll understand the extent of it one day when you are a mother yourself.

I love your soft arms around my neck.
I love how you touch my face.
I love your oopbek soene.
I love it when you say “lief vir jou mamma” every night before bedtime.
I love how you make me laugh with your clever mouth.
I love how you can put your brother in his place.
I love how you love him too.
I love how you can make your daddy feel special.
I love how you say you are a princess, because you are.
I love the curls in your hair, even though they are starting to disappear.
I love how you pick me flowers, and for your teachers too.
I love how you can devour a bowl of my soup.
I love how you favour everything green, from yoghurt to cereal.
I love your compassionate heart.
I love the twinkle in your eyes….

…Oh my skattebol this list can go on and on, because you are such a sweetheart in my life.

Happy birthday. May the next year in your life bring along a lot of giggles, warm hugs, sweet memories, love and blessings in abundance.  You deserve only the best.  Thank you for being such a huge part of my heart ❤


PicMonkey Image.jpg

Easter 2017

Sjeesh-kebab, time flies and there are times I feel I barely have time to breath, never mind blog!  I do try however and even though I write blog posts in my head before I fall asleep (really!), I rarely actually get the time to pin it down.  I’m just thankful there is still a clear story line and it can be seen on my blog (even though I just get to blog the most important events like birthdays, Christmas, Easter etc). It is evident my children are growing up, and as said way too many times – way too fast.

It was Christmas just yesterday, but here we are… Easter 2017 has come and gone already as well.  And it’s scary to say next month my babygirl is turning T H R E E!

Anyway, back to Easter.  It was a lovely long weekend.  Spent with family – my side of the family was full-house and together under one roof for a day – all 4 children, their spouses, our parents, and 6 grandchildren..  It rarely happens, but am thankful for it when it does.

Jamie & Shae had two Easter Egg Hunts this year – one at my parent’s house on Saturday and another at our house on Sunday.  Lucky kids!

Here’s some photos (PS the strange woman with the red hair is me – J didn’t get a new wife, I just dyed my hair :p !)

The little girl who holds my heart

DSC_3817I just read the update I did on Shae 6 months ago and it’s amazing how quickly things change.  Shae is happy with Yum Yum peanut butter now :p  I reported back then that she only wanted Black Cat, but that has changed luckily.  Then again, a lot didn’t change – she is still growing up way too fast, her vocabulary is expanding by the day.  I had such a laugh the other day when I gave her Buscopan for her tummy and she chirped me “this medicine is dis-GUST-tingggggg!”

Her third birthday is around the corner for crying out loud!  Time! Stop! Immediately!  The baby in her is getting less and less, and the little girl is getting more and more.  And HER, I shall continue referring to as little! She is so petite and cute and I just can’t get enough of her cuddles.  The way she asks for a kissy, and a hug and then she asks for our hands to touch, every time before we say good bye when she has to go to school.  Oh and the way she scrunches up her nose, it’s absolutely cuteness overload!FB_IMG_1490527721474

The one baby-thing I am very happy to get rid of is nappies.  Phew, she is getting this potty-training thing right and the end is in sight.  She basically only needs a night nappy at the moment.  But oh my, we’re still stuck on the dummy, it’s such a fight to get rid of the darn thing, she adores it – but I said she can have it until her birthday and then it must go.  I’m happy for her to use her cuddle-blankey for as long as she needs though, I won’t put a time limit to that.

She adores our cat, Snow and still wants to carry him around like a doll. Talking about dolls, she took an interest in her dolls too. She always loved her Lettie (Christmas present), but she started playing with her other dolls too, yesterday pushing one around in a pram. Other things she loves doing is watching Peppa Pig, she is still a huge Princess Sofia fan and now recently took an interest in Barbie movies too.

DSC_3871But that being said, my babygirl isn’t necessarily a girly-girl, oh no she is at times quite the tomboy. How can she not be when she is growing up with a big brother she loves kicking ball with, follow in his footsteps and climb high and jump… She is also an avid Spiderman fan. Last weekend I took the kids to buy new pajamas, Jamie chose Spiderman and I showed the Little Miss beautiful Princess Sofia pj’s I knew she would love, but no… we had to buy the same as her Big Brother. Priceless…

This little girl really adds a lot of sparkle to our lives. She is pure star-shine.  IMG-20170320-WA0006



My Little Champion

I should really stop using the word “little” when describing my almost 7-year old…  whoops.  Anyway.  My BIG boy made me so proud these past couple of months.  He participated in the Ocean Racing Series since October.  The Ocean Racing Series has various swimming events, as well as running and even walking every second Sunday morning down by Hobie Beach.  They also have a 1km beach run for the kids under 12.

I was amazed how Jamie flourished participating in it.  All the children receives a medal at the end of their race, and then a second medal if they achieve 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in their age category.  The pride on my boy’s face every time he received a medal was amazing to see.  We soon realised that running is definitely a strong point for Jamie and out of the 10 races for the season, Jamie achieved first place 7 times.  His fastest time was 4 minutes and 17 seconds – that’s a really fast time running a whole kilometer!

Yesterday was Jamie’s last race for the season and he was awarded with first place overall in the series.  He was so chuffed with his trophy, prize and special medal.  This mom’s heart swelled enormously big with pride!

Fly high, my boy!

Photo cred with huge thanks to: One Two Tree Photography


Meet Jon Snow

Our little family welcomed a new little soul to our household last weekend – a cute, tiny 7-week old rescue kitten, adopted from Cat Rescue PE.

It’s been almost 2 years since a piece of my heart, Jade passed away. And I couldn’t get myself so far to adopt another cat, until now.  Granted the first day with the kitten in the house was a bit sad as it made me think of Jade so much and make me miss him even more.  I realised though that there is room for every single one of them in my heart, as Snow quickly snuggled his way into it.

At this stage Shae thinks Snow is a dolly and carries him around like one; and Jamie is a bit skittish of the teeny tiny 600 gram kitten’s sharp nails and his love for biting toes but he likes stroking Snow’s soft fur when he’s in my arms.

Welcome, little one ❤