Where has this year gone?

What a jam-packed year this has been so far!  It flew by, but I guess it’s because we have been so busy this year.  We are almost in December, there are Christmas decorations all over the show in the shops and malls, people in my circle of friends have already started putting their trees up (although we wait for December first), and I just put in my annual leave for the December holidays (which I’m so looking forward to).

Jamie is busy with his assessments at school… I’m in shock when I think that we are at the end of his first year of school and he will be in Grade 2 in no time!  This year has been such a year of growth for him, he has learned and developed so much.  He has especially made me proud with how he has learned to handle his sensory difficulties and even his anger/impulsiveness.  We still have our tough days, but we celebrate a lot more victories.  This morning he put a big smile on my face when he told me “Mommy, you are the  best thing about my life” – our bond has really grown strong.  And I got such fabulous compliments about him at a friend’s birthday party where a granny and mom mentioned to me that he is a real little gentleman, and that they saw how gentle he played and helped a 1-year old girl on the jumping castle.

He gave us quite a scare towards end of September when he started having episodes that the paed thought might have been seizures.  His eyes would start rolling up involuntarily and he would have no control over it.  He ended up being admitted to hospital for an EEG. He handled the test like a champ. Luckily it the tests were negative for epilepsy and he was diagnosed with a motor / movement tic – which he will hopefully outgrow.  So far he has started handling it much better when it happens and takes it in his stride, it has also started happening less than when it started. Phew!


My little Shae-Shae is growing in leaps and bounds too.  Almost three and a half!  This little miss is completely potty trained now – she has stopped wearing her night nappy since beginning November and only had one little accident, but that happened in the first week.  So now I can officially say I’m done with nappies – FOREVER! Yay!

She has moved to the class for 4 to 5 year olds as she has bonded with Teacher Michelle. She enjoys the class so much because they do lots more “work” – painting and drawing, learning songs and it seems she is getting more stimulation.  She talks a lot… really loves telling us things.  She’s so bleddie cute when she wants to tell you something, her face gets animated and she starts her sentence with a cheeky “Actually…”.

Look at her cute school photos!  She gets more beautiful with each day passing ❤

Me and hubby?  We’re good, but we’re tired.  This year has been extremely stressful and we both worked hard.  We took a day off work about a week ago just to have some us-time and relax. Was so much fun to go to the movies (which we never get time for) and have lunch at a restaurant without worrying about the kids.  Somehow we need to make sure we get enough rest when the December holidays comes around, otherwise we are going to burn out… or it feels that way rather.



Big Dude Jamie

Only fair that a do an update on my Jamie-Jame too!

Seven… seven… I still can’t believe I have a 7-year old that’s almost done with the 3rd term of his first year of primary school.  It’s surreal.  This dude makes me so proud as he is doing really well at school – reading and mathematics he excels in; and then sports – I can almost say he lives for it.  He has really enjoyed playing rugby during the winter, it was also fun watching him play and to see how he developed. Last Saturday he even got awarded man of the match for one of the games (plus his first paramedic check up on the field after he was tackled way too hard and too high – my heart!!!).


We are getting so much support from his principal and teachers at school with regards to his Asperger and sensory issues, and I’m really glad we have chosen this school – they do so much for the kids.  Look it wasn’t easy at the beginning of the year when Jamie had to find his groove and new routines and the teacher didn’t know or understand him, but now it is going so much better. Even his rugby coach commented on how well he is doing now and how focused he gets during rugby practice.  Aftercare is a whole story on it’s own though, but I must say there has been improvement there too, I just wish the owner/manager had the same passion for kids as the school.

Other than that, Jamie has started enjoying music and we bought him a MP3 player a couple of weeks ago and put some music on for him.  We just realised we have to quality check every song as some of the lyrics is really WOES if you listen to it… we thought Cheerleader were fine, until the lyrics about a wizard and his magic wand popped up….. eeek. Parenting ain’t easy!

Not much news otherwise.  I just never realised how busy Grade 1 was going to be in terms of homework and activities.  Where were the days that Grade 1 consisted of lots of playing and just a tad of work… now it’s almost only work and no play – and don’t get me started on the homework!  I’m starting to look forward to school holidays when there are no homework in the evening :p

Little Miss Shae

I am so overdue on an update post about my little, beautiful princess! I am really neglecting my blog.

Shae is growing up beautifully, and doing so well.  Her vocabulary developed even more and she is telling us the most amazing stories in almost full sentences… and also the not so amazing haha. Like for instance last night hubby was busy brushing her hair while I was busy with lunchboxes and the brush inevitably met a tangle and pulled her hair upon which she squealed.  Her daddy immediately apologized, but his sincere apology was met with a “sorry doesn’t help, you know!”.  Our eyes met with shock over the kitchen counter and then we burst out laughing… Oh boy, we are going to have all our days with this little miss.

She is shooting up in length, it’s scary to say that day after day the little bit of baby left in her is disappearing even more and she turns more and more into a little girl.  She also had her first haircut, she sat like a real little lady in the chair at the hairdresser while the hairdresser snipped some of the dead ends off.

Good gosh, the throttling threes though… she’s a real threenager and at the stage now where she is testing her boundaries at every opportunity she gets. And she’s loud, real loud, and her crying breaks hearts… so it’s tough, but a no has to stay a no right now, or she will never learn.  I think we frightened away our guests on Saturday evening when Shae threw a good and proper tantrum when she refused her food, but wanted chips and I stuck to my guns.  Gotta pick my battles, but felt like that sure was one of them I had to pick.

It’s a good thing she’s so darn cute though :p so will never be able to get it over my heart to sell her!  Just look at these photos taken yesterday… so beautiful (if I do say so myself)!

Jamie @ age 7

My big boy at his current age ❤

Jamie at age 7.jpg

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Seventh birthday celebrations for Jamie

And just like that he is seven; and just like that all the celebrations are over and with the craziness of how fast time is flying he is well on his way to age 8 as well.

Oh and did this dude have fun.  He really enjoyed his day to the fullest. He was up before 5, so excited about his birthday.  We started his day with him blowing out his candles and opening his presents.  This year he got the Springbok shirt he longed for (he wore it the whole weekend!), Lego, a Transformer, Messi Foot Bubbles he really wanted (haha don’t ask!) and some odds and ends.  His dad then went to work for half a day while Shae went to school so that Jamie and I can sneak off to the movies where we watched Despicable 3 – we giggled so much.  Dinner was the Spur… his favourite.

PicMonkey Collage

The next day was party day.  Seeing as it rained cats and dogs the previous two years coupled with the fact that he is growing up, we planned a Tenpin Bowling party for him and his friends.

Jamie 7.jpg

Oh my – he was hyper with all the excitement.  All his friends arrived and they had fun playing tenpin and eating sweet treats.  There was way too much sweets in their treat boxes though (which the venue supplied); plus I made him an over the top sweetie cake and the kids had fun picking off the sweets… so I had to apologise to all the parents for their sugar loaded kiddies…oops I really felt bad, but at least the kids had a good time.

I was a bit worried about the kids playing in two teams… kids seem so competitive at this age, but the two teams ended up with the exact same score – can you believe it!  Even little Shae bowled by rolling her ball off a baby slide.  It was a fun party.

PicMonkey Image2.jpg

Afterwards one of Jamie’s best friends’ slept over by our house – so it truly was a bumper packed two days of celebrations.

PS. Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes. And also thank you to Blogging Buddy Helen and Liam for joining in the birthday fun – was so cool having you guys there.

(I still need to do the “Jamie Loves at Age x” image I usually make on my kids birthdays… hands full with work, so that will follow later when I had a chance to do it)

Happy birthday Jamie – 7 today!

To my Sparkle-in-the-eye Handsome Boy, Jamie

Seven today.  A whole 7, and you amaze me so much.

You impressed me this year with you starting your school career.  Your eagerness to learn… just amazing, you always were a little sponge soaking up knowledge and experiences.  Always go through life like this.  The world has a lot to learn from you too.

My boy, you are so affectionate, always giving me huge hugs and sloppy kisses – long may it last, I treasure every single one.   Please know and remember that I treasure every single one.

You are just such a sunshine child, always a smile on your face, always that twinkle in your eye and a little bit of silliness in every day – a hop, skip and jump as far as you go.  You never walk, always on the move.  Such a zest for life.  May you never feel the world’s troubles laying heavily on your shoulders.

I love you so much.  More than the highest mountain, more than the deepest waters, more than every grain of sand on this earth, more than you can ever imagine.  I will never stop; and may you never forget.

Happy 7th birthday dearest son-shine.

May your day be as bright as you are.
May your year be all sparkly and glittery and may you go through it feeling like a Superhero, because you are my little hero.
May you love and be loved.
May you be giggling and smiley and chirpy and silly and AWESOME, because everything is awesome.
Thank you for being you.

Love you zig-zig-zagging to the moon and back, around Jupiter and all across the universe.

Your Mommy xx

PicMonkey Image

Shae’s Princess Sofia Bash

Oh this little girl had so much birthday fun!  First she had her party with her school friends last Friday.  She enjoyed it so much that she went face first into her mini birthday cake.


For her birthday we planned a lovely party, fit for the little princess she is 🙂

Shae invite2

She was woken up with a cupcake and us singing happy birthday to her.  Gotta have cake at breakfast time on your birthday!

The rest of the day was filled to the brim.  We had her party in the morning with lots of friends and special people. I made her the most beautiful cake – I must say making it brought out the little girl in me, making it made me so happy.  I also did all the baking for the party from little milktarts to an array of cupcakes – double chocolate, white chocolate & caramel, Oreo, scones with cream and some savouries.  That little girl’s face when she saw her cake for the first time was priceless. She actually squealed when she saw it with just the under coat of frosting on and the doll plonked in before the actual fondant decoration took place.

Much fun was had at the party. The kids played so hard and the adults chatting and munching away while the kids were happily keeping themselves busy on the playground.  Even pony rides.

Shae was so hiked up on sugar and adrenaline that she didn’t even want to take a nap when we got home after the party.  We had a bit of down time and then we went to Night at the Museum and afterwards a braai with friends. Was an exceptional day.  The joy on Shae’s face throughout it all made my day, no my year.  So happy that she had such an awesome day.  The next day she got to open the bulk of her presents as there was just no time for it the day before, and she loved absolutely everything she got.  She actually had a full long-weekend of celebrating, precious, lucky little girl ❤