My little ballerina<3

*This mommy* was so proud last night when Shae had her very first dance concert.  Ever since Shae moved over to her new school in June she’s been asking … no, begging us for her to join the dance class, so after the school holidays we enrolled her and she started after the school holidays.  Although she was very excited she never really told us anything about the dancing or showed us anything.  In August the dance school let us know that their annual concert is in September and I replied to them that this surely can’t include Shae as she just started?  They assured me that Shae is included.

Last night was the big night and I wasn’t sure if Shae would actually dance and participate, that she would perhaps be shy, or even scared with all the people, the big stage, loud music etc.  I did her hair in a bun, put on some make-up as blush, eye shadow and lipstick was requested by the dance school and off we went last night.  Oh my gosh, she amazed us! She danced like a real little ballerina and ended with the most funky boogie.  It was wonderful to see ❤ .  Well done, my little dancing fairy-princess, mommy is so proud of you!

Hair and make-up done:


Little Dancing Queen:

Sorry, I have to!


When did my baby get this big?  ❤


Rock, Paper, Fizzers

So Shae cruised around Makro last weekend chanting Rock, Paper, Fizzers. I find it so funny… And so did a few other shoppers 😂

Crazy Girl Running

I normally just blog about my children, my life revolves around them.  But I have this whole new experience that was so wonderful, that I feel the need to pen this down.

Somewhere at the end of January I sent this message to my friend:


The idea sure felt crazy – I have run countless 5km’s, and a 10km race, but I wanted to reach and achieve a bit more.  My friend, Berni replied that sure I can do it, and she’ll do it with me.  I spoke to hubby and he said he’ll support me if this is what I wanted to do.

So the training started, the long runs mostly from May on wards.  Training went well until I got sick beginning July with an awful virus. Luckily felt better within 10 days or so and resumed training and did a 19km run a week before my race that left me feeling I am ready for the 21.1km.  Then a tummy virus hit me last Monday, 5 days before my race and it took everything out of me.  When hubby and kids came home Monday after work/school I was passed out on the couch, could barely lift my head.  I felt more human on Tuesday, but the nausea and lethargy stayed.  Tried a slow run on Thursday, ended off at 4km, was still not well.  My friend, Berni who would have run with me, also woman down with the terrible flu and she said she’s out, she can’t run with me and she think I shouldn’t either.  I said I will see how I feel, still hoping I will get better.

On Friday morning, I had the jitters and nauseous as hell and my tummy also not happy.  I spoke to my friend Jess, telling her how I’m feeling – not sure if I’ll be able to do this race after all the hard work. I explained how it was “now or never” as I had to put in 2 hours leave for 2 months to be able to do my long runs as I don’t have enough time and I don’t want to “steal”  She gave me a fabulous pep talk, talking sense into my head and basically being the most fabulous cheerleader anybody could ask for, and I felt better, deciding I will go get my race pack later that day and see how I feel when I wake up and then if I feel well enough I can take the race 1 km by 1km and see how I feel.  I can drop out at any time if I don’t feel well.

Later Berni let me know she feels okay, she’s going to give the race a bash if I am.  Knowing she will make it, made me feel better.  We collected my race pack, I set my alarm for 4:30am, and got everything ready for the next morning.  Even did a  bit of carbo-loading!

I woke up feeling better, just nervous. Got dressed, made some notes/reminders on myself with Shae’s koki’s.  Hubby dropped me off and I met with Berni and before we knew it, we were on our way with 21.1 km to go.

Within the first km my ankle which I twisted about 10 years ago became painful, I had a spasm in my calve… and I was in agony, thinking there is no way that I’ll be able to finish.  At that stage I kept going, thinking about taking it km for km, just as planned.  There was this runner called Hennie, who kept on making jokes, he made me laugh, constantly saying “Lekker julle, lekker”, but my ankle and calve was bothering me constantly.  I kept on looking at my “crip notes” too, trying to self motivate.   Luckily Berni had a few tricks up her sleeve and she showed me some stretches/exercise for my ankle and also taped me up with pretty pink tape she carried with her.  It helped!  She also took my mind off things by chatting with me.  Somehow my spasm’y calve also felt better and around the 7th km things went well!

By the 10th km I was having fun, we joked, laughed as we ran.  I even took selfies at Kilo 10 and Kilo 17 and put it on my fitness Instagram, sent it to my worrying mom and hubby.


Somewhere I got a rock or something in my shoe, and I had to take it off and get it out.  It got hard at around the 18km mark, was tired, but felt strong to keep going.  Kept repeating my mantra “She believed she could, so she did”.  Berni said the last km was going to be the hardest, and she was right… jeez-kebab, don’t know how but kept on putting one foot in front of the other.  Was fabulous to have Berni right there with me, she motivated me so much.

And then the end was in sight.


It’s Berni in the background, but my silly phone blurred the background (damnit otherwise this pic would have been epic).

I wanted to cry, but didn’t.  Was so happy and relieved to have made it, to have reached this crazy goal of mine that somehow got so important for me to reach.  The initial dream was to do it in 3 hours, the cut off is 3.5 hours.  But after getting sick, I just wanted to finish it and get the medal, no matter the time.  In the end we did it in 2 Hours 59 Minutes, I can hardly still believe it, as I’m a slower runner, so this was pretty fast for me over such a long distance!


It was my birthday yesterday, the day after the race, I am happy that I was able to reach this goal before my 38th birthday, but jeepers… I could hardly walk!  Will I do it again? For sure, in a heartbeat – I just don’t have to time for the longer distance right now, so for now I’m going to concentrate on 5km and 10km races and to improve my time.  When Jamie and Shae is a bit older and I have a bit more free time, I will definitely pursue half marathons again, and perhaps even a full marathon…who knows!

Thank you to my hubby for believing in me and allowing me the time to do this and for being so proud of me!  Thanks my dear Berni ❤ for being my partner in crime (and for saving my ankle!), having you as part of this journey meant a lot – may there be many more runs together.  My ❤ friend Jess, that pep-talk, I don’t think you know how much that helped, thank you for being my cheerleader.  Thank you to all my friends and family who wished me luck and followed this dream of mine. ❤  It’s not huge, but to me it feels like a BIG accomplishment for this frumpy mom! xx

Look alikes!

Helen commented on how much Jamie looks like hubby… if I had a penny for every time I heard that 😉 …… But it’s true!  Here’s a photo of Johnathan from when he was a little kid and it looks like a very old photo of Jamie.  At least he has my personality and no one will ever have to question paternity 😀 haha

And now he is 8!

8 Short years ago I cradled him in my arms, this weekend he came to lie on top of me and he almost squashed me with his head touching mine, his tippy toes touching my feet – not long to go before he’ll be just as tall as me.

We had a whole weekend of celebrations. Started off with party packs to school and partying at aftercare, followed by a spitbraai with friends on Friday. Saturday (his actual birthday), he started off with 2 rugby matches first (scored a beautiful try and got man of the match), then opening of presents and cake with grandparents.  Then a play date with his best friend, followed by Spur. Sunday he went shopping with some birthday money, and ended off the weekend with another braai with family.  I asked him what the best part of his birthday was and he sweetly answered “spending it with my family”…awwww.  Was a busy weekend, but he thoroughly enjoyed it.

(The week didn’t start out so good though, because first I woke with a tummy bug and then we got one of those dreaded phone calls from school that Jamie got hurt…somehow a stick poked into his eye when he ran underneath a tree and he is hysterical and can’t see.  Hubby quickly went and luckily he was calmed down when he got there, ended up with an emergency visit to an eye specialist – there are lacerations on his cornea, luckily not too serious – just need to treat with antibiotic drops and go for a check up next week)


Here are some photos of him and his little sis from the morning of his birthday



My Dear Boy

I love you so much, I can’t believe you are getting so big and growing up so quickly.  You amaze me at how clever you are, how fast you are learning and how sweet you can be at times.  I often hear from teachers and caregivers what a fabulous young man you are, gentle and such a great hugger.

Happy 8th birthday, Jamie.  May the next year in your life be a bright, happy one with lots of beautiful memories and special moments.  Remember you are loved beyond measure.

All my love

A few random thoughts

Tomorrow is Jamie’s 8th birthday… 8…8… I still can’t wrap my head around 8.  I asked my mom to send me a copy of my 8th birthday photo as I remember that day so clearly – she baked me a pink cake in the shape of an 8.  Now my favourite boy is turning 8 and I am baking him an 8 cake too… not pink though! :p

Next Sunday is my 38th birthday.  I’m celebrating by running a half marathon (21.1 km) the Saturday before… my first.  So I might not be able to walk on my birthday haha.

Shae is fighting sleep every.single.night… I think she is sleeping too long at school, but they insist she’s not.

Can’t believe it’s the third term of the year already… Jamie did so well with his report, so proud of him. He really excelled in English, Afrikaans, Maths and Life Skills.

Shae is getting so freaking cute, she talks so much, she sings so much, she’s getting so clever with her little mouth.  She told her daddy this week she wants boyfriends, I think he nearly had a heart attack, but pure innocence I thinks she just meant boy friends.

Hubby is working so hard, wish he could catch his break.  He’s having an interview today for a position in Pietermaritzburg though.  I really don’t want to move to Pietermaritzburg…

Thank heavens it’s Friday.  Looking forward to this weekend – lots of fun planned.