Double Digits for Jamie!

My Dearest 10-Year Old Jamie

I can’t believe a decade has past since you were born.  We celebrate you for who you are and for what you have brought to our lives.  A lot of love and a lot of sweetness.  You shine so bright, my Jamie, brighter than the sun and you bring that light straight into our lives.

You are so talented, my boy, whatever you try you excel in.  You are a super star on the sports field, you are a maths wiz, even learning your music so quickly that I’m amazed.

You are so loved. More than you will ever understand. We believe in you and I’m still so sure you will have the best life you can live, you will make it great.

Happy birthday my big boy.  May this next chapter in your life be one of the greatest.  Keep on smiling, keep on being my happy child and keep on spreading the joy.

Love you so much!

Mom xxx

So yesterday we celebrated this little-big man.  He goes to school every second day and unfortunately for him his birthday fell on a school day, but he didn’t mind and was so chuffed with his classmates singing him happy birthday twice.  He also wore his birthday crown to school!

He requested breakfast in bed, so this mommy was up early in the cold to prepare him bacon and eggs.  This was followed by candles, cupcakes and opening presents!  In the afternoon we had a special lockdown party for four.  We had ice-cream, sweets and cake and we just spent the special time together!  He ordered pizza for dinner which was followed by family movie night and we watched Little Rascals.  It was a fab day celebrating his birthday with him!

Shae is SIX!

My dearest baby girl

I always believed that females should be strong willed.  They need to know what they want and go for it.  I believe that they can accomplish whatever they put their minds to.  They need to be full of spark, not letting anyone or anything dull their shine.  They should be stubborn, in a good way, the way they look out for themselves.

Oh I believe this will all my might… but little did I know how tough it would be to raise such a little firecracker like yourself!  Woweeeee!  You already possess all these traits, my beautiful little girl.  You are so headstrong and I know that there is no way that you will let anyone walk over you, ever! “Strong-willed children will become adults who change the world as long as we can hang on for the ride and resist the temptation to “tame” the spirit out of them.”  I will hang on to that thought, Princess, and get through this with you.

You are an amazing child. I love your hugs, your sparkle, your liveliness, your humor, the way you babble, your bubbliness, and the way you love – with all your might.  You are my moonchild and I love you so much.  I look forward to see what the next chapter of our lives with you will be like. You add so much to our family.

Happy sixth birthday, my little darling.  May this new year in your life be sweet.

Love you to the moon and back

Your mommy xxxx


So we had a special lockdown birthday planned for my little princess.  She wanted to have a unicorn party this year, and although we couldn’t celebrate with a party with friends and family, we just had to make it special.  I baked her a unicorn birthday cake and threw her a party for us 4 here at home with lots of fun planned.

Oh it was a good day.  We partied, ate ice-cream and donuts and cake.  We played pass the parcel.  I made her a pinata. We played Pin the tail on the Unicorn.  We drank creme soda out of champagne glasses.  She talked with friends and family via video chat, she got messages and voice notes from her school friends.  It was a day filled with fun and she went to bed that night with a content, happy heart.

And then the next day @ 6 years and 1 day old, she lost her first tooth and got a visit from the tooth fairy.

Oh my girl, you are growing up way too fast.

Here is the brandnew haasbekkie ❤


Lockdown 2020

All I can say is WOW. What a year this has been so far! I haven’t been blogging in a while, simply because life got hectic.  I didn’t realise my last update was beginning January!

The school year started so well.  Shae enjoyed Grade R, had so many playdates and parties with her friends. She really blossomed!  She also got accepted into Jamie’s school for Grade 1 next year.  She is so excited about that.

Jamie hit the teacher-jackpot and got a real sweetie for his Grade 4 teacher.  She really looked out for him and helped him so much.  He did so well in athletics this year and advanced through 3 rounds and fell out just before provincials.  Then rugby season started and he was chosen for the U11A team.  They had their camp which he really enjoyed, played just a couple of rugby matches and was about to embark to Bloemfontein for a rugby tournament during the school holidays.

Hubby dearest took a huge plunge and opened up his own law firm on the 1st of March.  So proud of him, the way he has made his mark and built his name here in PE  (for those who can, please support him by following his FB page  He had a great first month, signed up a lot of new clients, took over some of his old clients.

Then Covid-19 hit and lockdown started.  And WOW, just WOW it really put a spanner in the works.  We get homework to do with the kids every day, which is fine as it’s well planned and thought out.  But I still have to work full time. Plus hubby is working from home as well and he has to go to court from time to time, and a lot of phone calls, video conferencing and such.  So things are beyond crazy in this house.  My work is hectic as well as I’m the poor soul that has to deal with UIF and TERS for all our employees who are unable to work at the moment.  I really feel like I have too many balls up in the air; feels like I’m heading for a burnout, but things will get better again, so I try to stay positive.

Weekends is bliss at home though. So nice to just chill and stay at home…although I wish I could see my parents at least.  But this shall pass too

Sorry to my blogger friends, I have been very bad at reading and keeping up with the blogs.  I will hopefully catch up soon again 🙂

On Wednesday we have a lockdown birthday here at home.  Shae-Shae is turning 6! Yes 6!  More about that later this week.

Signing off with a few pics from our Easter weekend.

Stay safe and keep healthy, everyone!

2019 Year-End Interview with Jamie & Shae

I love doing these interviews with the kids!  Again a lot of answers and preferences have changed, but a lot the same too.  I started doing this when Jamie was just 4 years old and able to answer my questions, Shae joined in from early on, even just to make an appearance.  This time though she talked so much, my interview went from last year’s 10 minutes to over 14 minutes.  Just adore how their personalities develop over the years.

Here we go!


For record purposes – previous year’s interviews ❤ xx






December 2019 Holidays

Another December has come and gone again, but it was a lovely Holiday and Festive Period!  Now we’re hopefully ready to tackle 2020 head on.

We carried on with all our festive traditions as per usual.  We did Uncle Jumbos to kick off the festive period and the kids really enjoyed it, especially Shae as she adored the princesses – she was stuck to Elsa and Belle the whole evening and of course they loved Santa and the pressies they got.  Our Elf, Holly, also made her appearance this year again doing all sorts of mischievous things to keep the kiddos entertained.  Decorating the Christmas tree always a family event and it was so nice as the kids did the bulk of the work this year, and with enthusiasm!

On the 23rd we also celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. Time really flies when you are having fun.

Christmas eve was spent as per usual with the in-laws minus my sis-in-law who had the opportunity to travel to America.  Christmas day was with my family – a lazy day next to the pool and a lovely lunch.  All such fabulous celebrations and quality family time.

The rest of the holiday was spent doing things in and around PE – a lovely beach day (not many of those unfortunately as weather didn’t play along in PE over December), a trip to Jbay with friends, a day at the supertubes, dining out a couple of times, Gravity trampoline park (twice because the kids love it so), looking for houses decorated with Christmas lights, movies so Shae could watch her beloved Frozen, a lot of braais etc

.  We had a lot of chill time at home too. We really needed this as 2019 exhausted all 4 of us.

It really was a good holiday. Just kinda bummed that it felt so short – could have done with an extra week or two 😉

Happy 2020 to you and your families! xxx


Grades 4 and R, here we come!

The school year has ended, so I thought it’s about time for a little update on the kids again.

Jamie did so well this year and we are very pleased that he is advancing to Grade 4.  So proud in what he achieved this year.  His report came back with an average of 7 for all his subjects, this boy sure loves his school work.  I just hope it lasts next year as well when he has more subjects and more learning work with exams on top!  I can’t help but feel nervous for all the changes next year, especially since Jamie is a creature of habit and routine and can’t handle change too much… it’s an Aspie (Aspergers) thing.

Last week Jamie was invited to his school’s Gala evening and we were so surprised when he received the award and trophy for Best Junior Primary Athlete.  I knew his hyperactivity had to pay off some day :p .  Jokes aside, Jamie loves his sport and really does well in it – he is fast on the athletics track and he is good in his rugby as well.  We started him with karate as well last month as we are hoping the discipline of the sport will help him in areas where he struggles – like impulse control, socially and perhaps anger management as well.  He has already done two stripe gradings and is enjoying it so much.

This boy is growing into a real young man now.  It won’t be long until he is taller than me, perhaps taller than his dad one day too – who knows!

Then there is my Shae-Shae, my fairy princess!  She completed Grade 0 and thrived this year in pre-primary school.  I can’t believe that we have to apply for primary school next year and that soon she will be wearing a school uniform and be going to “big school” as well.  Little Miss is a real social butterfly and loves her friends and she seems quite popular among the girls in her school, she even made friends with the older Grade R girls this year.

Her vocabulary exploded and she is such a chatterbox.  She’s very clever with her little mouth. Couldn’t help but laugh when she came home Friday after her class party and Santa visited and how she told me that she is pretty sure he is fake because he had a fake beard, she could see the string.  This girl has such a strong personality and maybe just a tad too much attitude.  But I so enjoy her and her zest for life.

She is just going through a bit of a rough patch as she is scared for everything and she cries very easily.  She is a sensitive soul.  This bit is quite exhausting and I can’t quite understand it, perhaps it’s a girl thing.

Shae is quite a beauty, I can’t get over how beautiful she is.  She is just also growing up way too quickly!

And that’s my kids in a nutshell!  At the moment they are both very excited for Christmas coming.  Our Elf is also visiting at the moment and they are quite enjoying her antics.  We just didn’t have a chance to put the Christmas tree up as yet – I think that’s our task for the weekend.


Something Shae

Yesterday was Shae’s Grade 0 concert and it was such a treat.  My little girl was the cutest monkey and she sang her heart out.  She participated with such enthusiasm, doing all the corresponding actions, she really made me very proud.  Look how cute she looked!

Afterwards I took her for a well-deserved milkshake to celebrate.  While we were there she scraped her finger when playing so we went to Dischem for plasters. When we walked past the piercing station she wanted to stop and look at the earrings and she just loved the pink studs and she asked me again when she can have her ears pierced… she’s been asking for a couple of months now and this mommy heart was just not ready yet.  We wanted her to decide on her own when she wanted to have this done, we felt like it’s her body and she needs to decide (just wanted her to be sure as well), just like when I was younger – I got mine done when I was 6 years old.  I told her we can ask her daddy, but she needs to understand that it’s going to hurt, but it will be over quickly.  She was so sure of herself so we phoned Johnathan who agreed.  Shae was so excited, but ouchie it hurt and she cried, but afterwards she was so happy and chuffed with her sparkly new earrings.  My little girl really is growing up now. ❤

Isn’t she just lovely!?!

Today 20 years ago…

The year was 1999.  We were young – I turned 19 that July, Johnathan turned 21 the following month.  We both were waiters at the Spur of all places – me after I finished matric and figured out what I want to do with the rest of my life, and him in between his studies while he was swotting for his LLB.

For a team building we were going to go ten pin bowling and I heard from the other waiters that Johnathan wanted to ask me to partner up with him for the games, and I don’t know why, but I asked him.  We ended up going together and had loads of fun, and ended up kissing when he took me home that night.  Next up was a movie date on the 24th of July when he spilled an extra large Coke at the cinema, haha I would never forget that… there was Coke everywhere!  It was a fun date nonetheless, just a pity it didn’t end well as upon my return home I found out my uncle committed suicide.  He was still at our house when I got ready for the date, little did I know he came to say goodbye.

Anyway… Then Johnathan asked me to go with him to a friend’s 21st on Saturday the 31st of July.  We danced, laughed and chatted the night away.  We ended up back at my parent’s house, sitting in the kitchen, smooching a lot and well after midnight on the 1st of August 1999 he asked me to me his girl.

And the rest is history!  Now 20 years later I can officially say (now that since I turned 39 on Monday) that I have spent more than half of my life with him!

Happy 20th date-a-versary to us ❤


Jamie’s 9th Birthday

So on Sunday morning Jamie was up before 6.  His excitement was way too big… it was his special day after all!  He has been begging me for months for a paintball party.  Since we had rain on his birthday quite a number of times, I didn’t do outside parties for a while now, so it was a big gamble. And it rained cats and dogs Friday and almost the whole of Saturday, but we woke up Sunday morning to blue skies, even though it was ice cold and a bit windy.

As per custom it was cupcakes and presents for breakfast!

As per usual I made him a special cake for his birthday and party: a rainbow paintball cake as per his orders!

Invites looked like:


The kids had an absolute blast.  They first divided into two teams and geared up and listened to the very helpful guide as she explained to them the rules and how the paintball guns work.  Even Shae had a good go at it, playing enthusiastically with the older boys.   They played on three different “fields” and then Jamie did what they call the ‘chicken run’ where he ran from point A to point B and everyone shooting at him.  Shame, poor dude got hit in the head and it hurt for a bit, but only until he and Shae got the chance to gang up against their dad in a last game.  In between they ate and celebrated and had a good, old jolly time!

I thought Jamie would be absolutely exhausted afterwards, because the were being kept busy for over 2 and a half hours, but no way – Jamie still built a whole Lego set before going to bed that night.

So all in all my boy had the best day – filled to the brim with lots of fun.

And now he’s a full nine years old!

Jamie is turning N I N E !!!

To the boy that made me a mommy

Two sleeps then you are turning NINE!  I can’t believe you are turning 9…  You are such a big boy, not long before you will be taller than me – growing in leaps and bounds like always.  Jamie, you are such an amazing child. I keep on telling you how clever you are, how handsome and how awesome – I hope you believe me.

You were my sunshine child since the moment I held you in my arms and you still are.  Your smile lights up my world, and nothing makes me happier than seeing you (and your sis) happy.  I truly hope and pray that you will have a happy life, you deserve everything that is beautiful, everything that keeps putting that smile on your face.

Looking back over the years at how you’ve grown and developed makes me such a proud mommy.  You’ve come a far way, even when things aren’t always easy for you.  You keep on trying.  You excel academically – in all your weekly spelling and math tests you get full marks time and time again. You take pride in achieving your best.  You enjoy your rugby and athletics at your school and even learned to play the recorder this year.  You are a mighty talented young man, I can can only imagine the achievements that are still to come in your future.

You are my highly energized child, always on the run, almost never taking things slow.  It makes parenting you hard, but I know you are a go-getter and that will bring you far in life, so we have to embrace it.  Although when you are inspired to do a certain drawing or build Lego, or even decide to read a book, then you are able to focus and do your utmost best to get the job done.

Have a very happy birthday, my sweet child!  May your day be as special as you are.

I love you to the moon, Jupiter, Mars and beyond thousands of times, Jamie.

Forever and always
Your mommy xx ❤