Shae @ Age 4


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Shae’s 3-Day 4th Bday Celebration

With Shae’s birthday falling on a Sunday, it somehow just happened that she had a whole 3 days of celebrations!  On Friday she had her party at school and her first cake – a pull apart cupcake princess dress cake.  They usually have so much fun and the teachers always makes it special and sends photos to us.  Sad that this is her last party at her school.



On Saturday she had her birthday party.  She chose Frozen as her theme this year (although she changed her mind a couple of times and at some stage wanted to change to Paw Patrol and then she wanted to have a Snow White cake, but Frozen was the chosen one at the end).

Shae Bday Party

The venue made the party cubicle look really fab, I just added a view personal touches here and there.  I did the catering and the cake.  I originally made a fondant Elsa, but Shae told me it’s ugly…haha the girl has high standards so I rather opted for little dollies to put on the cake and I only made the Olaf.  I used the fondant Elsa in the cupcake display though…she was made with so much love I could not leave her out entirely!


Shae was in her element!  She was looking forward to her birthday for such a long time… I think she started asking about her birthday already just after New Years.  The weather was beautiful, her friends all came, and they had such a ball playing.  The party started at 10 but it went on for more than an hour longer than the usual 2 hours.  We only left the venue at 13:15 and two parents left at the same time – the kids didn’t want to leave.


Then Sunday was the big 4th birthday.  Oh Shae was so excited to open her presents.  Her main pressie was a brand new pink bicycle with a purple helmet.  We had a lovely day riding bike, painting, eating cake and having fun.


Now my big girl is 4. She already asked when it’s her next birthday :p




Happy 4th Birthday, my Littlest Darling

My Shae-Shae

You are four.  No!  You’re my baby!  No! You are four, and yesterday you rode your bike looking like a big girl, confident and happy and I wanted to bawl my eyes out.  Mixed emotions.  You are growing up, but you are growing up beautifully.

My little darling, looking at you playing with your dolls, or painting beautiful pictures, or like yesterday riding your bike fills me with so much joy, because you, my princess are magic!  No one can spend time with you and not adore you with a happy heart.

Happiest fourth birthday, my little-big girl whom I love to all ends of the earth and even further.  You are amazing and let no one ever tell you different.  You are pure moonshine and fairytales.

All my love
Your mommy xxxx

Different, Not Less

b40fad2ee8bf6ca6906d57286560cc64.jpgApril is Autism Awareness month and I was unsure if I wanted to write something about it, but here goes … {Jamie has high functioning autism, so I’m writing out of my perspective as a “high functioning autism-mom”.}  The month is there to create awareness.  Autism is a real thing, it’s not a processing error,  it purely is just a different operating system.  I guess what I really want to bring across is that it’s important to create awareness, but acceptance is even more important.  It’s a challenge to get people to understand autism.

My life is forever a fight to get people to accept Jamie for who he is and explaining to them how his mind works.  It’s so easy for people to label him as naughty, comment on him not listening/obeying.  But the reality is when he doesn’t want to eat something – it’s because the texture/smell/look of it freaks him out, when he is noisy – it’s because the noise surrounding him bothers him so much that he tries to hide his anxiety by creating even more noise himself, that if he pushes someone away from him – it’s because he is tactile defensive and immediately goes into flight or fight mode.  When he gets uncontrollably angry or has a meltdown, he simply can’t help it, but he tries to so very hard. When he appears to not be listening to you – it’s because he zones out, he does not process sound normally, he takes visual instruction better.  Temple Grandin said she is a visual thinker, not a language-based thinker.  She said her brain is like Google Images.

download.pngYou see, it may sometimes (okay mostly) appear that he lives in a world of his own, but instead of trying to get him to join your world, you will have so much more success if you join his.  Or at the very least, try and understand his world better.

There is a saying that goes “if you you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism”. When you look at Jamie, he looks like any other child.  He is handsome, he is awesome and he is highly intelligent (if I do say so myself 😉 ).  He makes eye contact, he is active, he performs academically and have no trouble concentrating – he does not need to attend a special school.  So people often can’t believe when I tell them Jamie was diagnosed with autism, even high-functioning.  So it’s very important to remember that it really differs from person to person.  That’s why the symbol of autism is a puzzle it reflects the complexity of the autism spectrum. The different colors and shapes represent the diversity of the people and families living with the condition.

The most wonderful words I came across this month: *Different, Not Less* .  And I wish more people could understand it.

Autism is my kid’s super power ❤


Darling Shae

I use a lot of terms of endearment with my children and Shae is often “my darling” or “little darling”.  I love how she sometimes imitate me and call me ” my little darling” back.  She really is such a sweet child.

Sweet and cute, but with a clever little mouth on her!  I had to laugh the other day when Shae gave a big burp and she said “solly”.  I told her to say “sorry not solly” and she replied with “excuse me”.  Too clever.

I can’t believe she is turning 4 in a little over a month.  She has been talking for months about a Princess Elsa – Frozen party, so I have arranged with the venue, bought some Frozen party goodies, designed the invitation, planning a cake…halfway with the Elsa fondant topper… and this morning she tells me she wants a Paw Patrol cake.  Face palm!  So I now need to do some clever persuasion, because come hell or high water I really don’t want to change now… I’m a busy mommy, I just don’t have the time or energy.

Talking about growing up – The little miss was accepted for Grade 0 next year.  My baby is going to pre primary… * queue tears *.  We went to show her where she’ll be going and she liked that there was a picture of The little mermaid on the school’s wall.  I really hope the transition next year will go easy on her sensitive little soul.

Her hair was growing so long, we went to have it cut again.  She actually wanted to have it cut in to a bob like mine and she was highly miffed that the hairdresser didn’t cut it that way… but neither the hairdresser nor I had the heart to cut all those beautiful blonde locks off.  It’s at least a bit manageable now as her hair is very fine like mine and tangles very easily.  She loves going to the hairdresser… a real little lady.

Oh my goodness, brother and sister can fight like dog and cat these days, but it’s amazing how soon they’ll hug and forgive afterwards. And how they will stick up for each other when one feels the other one have been wronged in whichever way.  Must say, they are also very good with sharing… mostly!  Well, not wrt space.  You see, Jamie is a cuddly bear, he likes his snuggles and hugs, whereas Shae likes her space – she likes hugs and snuggles, but on her own terms – so this causes some shit in our household some days.

I have started telling Shae stories every night.  Made up stories about two princess sisters, Lisa (who has purple hair) and Disa (who has pink hair).  The theme usually revolves around little life lessons I want Shae to take note off, like safety, obeying mommy and daddy and things like that, or I weave them into a well-known fairy tale/ story like Hansel & Gretel, The Tortoise & Hare, even did Jack & the Beanstalk the other night.  Or I would make up a story, incorporating some of Shae’s favourite characters like Walt Disney princesses or Dora the Explorer or Princess Sofia.  She really likes these stories and it helps getting her in bed… the problem is she doesn’t want these stories to end!  I still want to draw her pictures of what I have in my head of Lisa and Disa.

So that’s my little Shae update for now.  I bet there are other things I wanted to write about that I have forgotten about now…so I will really have to make a point to do more posts about my kids and not just the special things.  Time is passing too quickly.  It feels like the other day I have been a brand new mommy to a newborn Jamie. Now I have an almost 8-year old and an almost 4-year old.  In 10 years, Jamie will be 18!



Remember last year Jamie won the Ocean Racing Series for the under 6 years category?  This season he entered again, there were a total of 11 races (Jamie missed just one).  He was now in the boy’s 7 to 8 yr category and he found it a bit harder in the beginning – in the first race he came 2nd, in the second race he came 4th, a 1st place for the third race, and then another 4th place, we missed round 5.

Jamie is very competitive and he didn’t like it that he didn’t get a podium finish at each race.  So I taught Jamie about great sportsmanship, I told him that it is way more important to have fun, and that as long as he gives his best, that it is good enough!  You can’t always win… that’s how life works unfortunately.  But at the same time I coached him a bit, as he starts out very fast and then at the end of the race he gets tired and slow down.  It’s a kilometer race on the beach (soft sand is so much harder to run on plus there’s rocks they have to look out for); and they do it really fast – Jamie’s time is usually around 3:45 which is super fast for a kilometer.  I took him on longer runs with me so he can build endurance and I taught him about –  I called it “pushing through the pain”, when he gets really tired, he just needs to push through, and by doing that he will get better, faster and more fit.

So proud of my boy, because he was persistent and he kept going, kept trying, and rounds 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 he took first place.  In the last race it was high tide so they had to run a different route on the side walk for a bit, and he made a mistake with the course and he had to turn around which cost him a bit of time and he came a close 2nd.  Shame, he was so sad when he didn’t pick up the last first place, he cried real tears, real sad, heartbroken tears.  He kept his cool though and he congratulated the boy who came first by telling him he did a good job!

The Series winner is chosen by taking in account the top 8 races for each person (50 points for 1st place, 45 points for 2nd etc).  Jamie ended with 390 points which was enough to take first place and he picked up the gold medal and a trophy (plus some other cool prizes).

This series really means a lot to Jamie.  He burns energy, he loves running and it really boosts his morale when he succeeds and reach his goal.  Mind you, he loves all the sports he participates in from athletics to cricket to rugby, even his chess.  It seems he is a very “sporty person” and I love the life lessons he learns with it along the way.

Well done, my Jamie-Jame. You make me proud – not by winning, but by participating with your whole heart, by trying your best in everything you do, by being so open to the things you can learn and it makes me so happy to see you so happy doing the things you love. ❤selfp


Everybunny had lots of fun!

The year is speeding away rapidly again, so I really wanted to use this Easter weekend to see all our closest family and friends who are in the metro.  Unfortunately my one friend was out of town for the weekend and my mother in law had guests so we missed them, but we luckily got to everyone else.

It really was a lovely weekend.

On Friday we got together with my parents and also my older sister and her hubby for a nice, relaxed braai.  We slept over and the next morning we did the kids Easter Egg Hunt in my mother’s beautiful garden as our garden is rather small and our dog loves munching on easter eggs before the kids get to it.  They had a blast running around and finding the treats around the garden.  Shae was just miffed that she missed the bunny HAHAHA.  I am amazed that Jamie still believes it’s the Easter Bunny hiding the eggs!

We had a quick visit with my hubby’s brother when we returned home as it was his birthday the previous day.  Saturday night was another braai, this time with dear friends and we had a lovely evening drinking wine, chatting and eating a ton of lovely food and dessert.  The kids played as if there were no tomorrow.

Sunday we ended up doing a whole lot of nothing except for some shopping and chilling at home.  After the kids went to bed I made Nachos Mexicana for dinner and we watched a comedy.

Monday we went tenpin bowling with our other friends, followed by a quick burger at the Spur.  We had so much fun and laughs.  I returned to work on Tuesday, not really feeling like work…but I guess somebody has to pay the bills urgh.

Can’t believe Easter is finished and done already… it went by so quick.  At least I took lots of photos of my two cute little bunnies! (and a skeleton and a beautiful butterfly)